Kick Scooter For Heavy Adults

Have kick scooters ever been your thing? But couldn’t find the right scooter that fits your size? If yes, then you are in the right place. We have picked five best kick scooters for heavy adults.

These Kick scooter models have larger wheels. These large wheels are great for a speedy and stable trip wherever you take it to, it will help you to make your way while avoiding the traffic. Plus, it helps you with parking issues, and you can take them to narrow lanes.


Kick Scooters For Heavy Adults – At a Glance

  1. GYMAX Folding Kick Scooter (220 lbs)
  2. OppsDecor Adult 3 Second Folding Scooter (220 lbs)
  3. LXLA – Folding Heavy Adult Kick Scooter (220 lbs)
  4. Goplus Foldable Scooter for Heavy Adults (220 lbs)
  5. 3 Seconds Easy-Folding Kick Scooter (220 lbs)

1) GYMAX Folding Kick Scooter

 GYMAX Folding Kick Scooter for heavy adults

GYMAX Kick Scooter has a dual brake system that can be applied either by foot or hand for your convenience. Due to the lightweight frame and massive wheels, its kicking and stability are up to mark. 

Furthermore, it is portable and easy to carry anywhere. Height can be adjusted up to three levels, which means it is suitable for adults of different heights. It has a unique feature of shock-absorb to give you a smooth ride on bumpy roads. 

Also, it contains ABEC-7 bearings, which ensure a steady ride. Its maximum weight capacity is 220 lbs, and its strong brake-system is another of its functions that makes it right for heavy adults. It is available in black and white color. It has a gross weight of 16 pounds, with a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee.


  • It is portable and can be stored easily.
  • Has the ability of shock-absorbing.
  • Convenient braking system.


  • Its bearing can be disturbed if not maintained.
  • There might be a manufacturer error in the product.
  • You cannot use it in the dark.

2) OppsDecor Adult 3 Second Folding Scooter

OppsDecor Adult Scooter for heavy adults

OppsDecor is an advanced adult-scooter with large tires, which ensure a smooth and fast ride. It can run over any road, path, or street. The foot brake-system helps you to control the speed of the scooter. High quality, aluminum alloy has been used to enhance its strength and durability.

 It has a total weight of 8.8 lbs with an easy folding method. Hence, it is easy to carry and store. It can lift the weight up to 220 lbs. It is best suitable for the people above 12 years (ideally 13 to 50). Due to its lightweight, you can easily stabilize it while riding, unlike other heavy bikes. It’s three Level adjustable height design gives you an option to set it according to your need. Its minimum and maximum heights are 32.3 and 41.7 inches, respectively. 


  • It is fast and smooth to drive.
  • Bigger wheels.
  • Very easy to assemble and fold.


  • It requires manual kicking.
  • Not very suitable for older people.
  • It doesn’t have any light.

3) LXLA – Folding Adult Kick Scooter

LXLA - Adult Kick Scooter for heavy adults

This large wheeled scooter is the right choice for heavy adults. Its speedy and reliable ride gives immense pleasure to individuals. It has an easy-folding mechanism, which makes it portable, and can carry the scooter along with yourself to subways, airplanes, trains, or buses. This scooter is mainly made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which makes it durable and reliable. 

It weighs 12.13 pounds and has a maximum load capacity of 100 kg weight (220 LBS) with dual suspension that also makes it ideal for city /urban/suburban pavements. It has a particular brake system named as disc brake system, which you can easily control through the hand in emergencies and on safety stops. 

The scooter is well-engineered and feels like a quality kick scooter when you are riding it. The PU material 200 mm big wheels, reduces vibrations, makes the ride more comfortable, thus makes it a perfect adult commuter scooter. The flexible kickboard is an innovative way of providing suspension to smooth out a bumpy ride. 

It has a mudguard in the rear wheel that helps prevent you from getting sprayed if you go through a puddle. It has an adjustable handlebar with non-slip ABS hand grips and 3 level height adjustable, range 91-106cm/35.83-41.73 inch, suit for the adults of all heights. 


  • Very durable and reliable.
  • Disc brake system
  • Adjustable handlebar


It is a little noisy.

4) Goplus Foldable Scooter for Adults

Goplus Fodlable Kickscooter for heavy adults

Newly forged aluminum scooter is an excellent pro-style specialist adult-scooter. This scooter is one click foldable, very handy to carry, and does not occupy too much space. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for storage and transportation, and you can easily take it on subways, trains, or buses.

This scooter equipped with front and rear shock absorber systems, which reduce vibration and cushion bumps, and reduce the discomfort while driving on uneven roads. The robust brake system helps you in emergencies and safety stops. So this might be just what you are looking for as an entry-level kick scooter.  

Talking of build quality, it features an Aluminium alloy frame that strengthens the body. Also, the aging-resistant rubber tires along with anti-skid alloy rims make it stubborn to be pierced. 

You can easily assemble the tripod which you can deploy and start using your scooter. Its total weight is 14 pounds, with a maximum capacity of 220 pounds. When folded, the dimensions are 36.5″ x 5.5″ x 8″. it has an adjustable anti-skid and wear-resistant rubber handlebar of height 36.5″/39.5″/42″.


  • Very reliable and durable.
  • It has a sturdy frame.
  • Best suitable for adults.


  • It is a little noisy.
  • Not suitable for older people.
  • No headlight

5) 3 Seconds Easy-Folding Kick Scooter

folding kick scooter for adults

This scooter is one of the best value kick scooters in its class for heavy adults. It has the maximum capacity to hold a weight of 220 pounds. Furthermore, it can help teens and adults to balance themselves. The radius of 200 mm wheels gives you a high-speed ride. 

You can use a foot brake placed to the ground level. This scooter does not sit at the luxury end of the market. It is still a solid buy for those who want to try out an adult kick scooter, without spending too much money. You can always pass it on to a friend or your kids when you upgrade to a more substantial scooter. 

Moreover, it has a length of 37.8 inches with a deck size of 18.3 x 5.31 x 3.94 inches. The diameter of each tire is 7.87 x 1.18 inches with the adjustable height and fold. It is recommended for adults, having age between 13 to 50.


  • It has got big wheels.
  • Very portable.
  • 3 seconds easy folding.


  • Its brake is not that reliable.
  • The handlebar fits with difficulty.
  • Its folding is not easy.

Hence, from the above discussion, it can be observed that the scooters are not only for the kids, but there is a paradigm shift. Adults can also recall their awesome childhood memories by considering to buy an adult scooter. If you want to buy a scooter, you should find different specifications. Likewise, GYMAX, with the dual brake system, ensures a comfortable and safe trip around the town. 

Also, if you want a smooth and reliable drive, you should consider OppsDecor, which is secure, durable, and cheap in price. LXLA is another option for you that has an easy-folding mechanism with a high-speed facility. 

This might be a perfect choice for the adults to take it anywhere across the street. Moreover, Goplus is sturdy and extremely durable. Folding storage design helps you to carry it easily. Rear fender brakes installed for quick stop and safety. It is light in weight. It also has the feature of Adjustable height, which is suitable for adults and children. 

Last but not least, Fast 88 scooters, having big wheels, are strong and durable. Its smooth drives ensure that it would not fall. It is effortless to fold. Hence, you can take anywhere and everywhere you want to. It is best suitable for both adults. It should be kept in mind while riding a scooter, you must ensure to wear a helmet. This can save you from an extreme-wound, in case of any accidents.