Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults – (Max 550lbs)

The idea of electric scooters was first pitched in the late 19th century. Over the decades, this idea has evolved so much that now we have electric scooters that can travel up to 40+ miles with speed of 40+ km/h.

Back then it was a thing for the future, now we are in that future. Given the fact that petroleum has been polluting our environment, it’s high time for all types of users including heavy users to switch to electric scooters which are eco-friendly and offers less operational costs.


The industry of electric scooters is well-established now and there is more coming in for heavy users.

We will discuss five electric scooters today ranging from high to low prices and specifications that are particularly designed for users who have weight more than 250 lbs.

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Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults – At a Glance

  1. QIEWA Q1Hummer 800WATTS (37MPH)
  2. QIEWA Qmini Electric Scooter
  3. NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter
  4. Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter
  5. Homgrace Foldable Electric Scooter for Teenager and Adult

Electric Scooters For 500 lbs

QIEWA Q1Hummer 800WATTS (37MPH)

Qiewa Q1Hummer electric scooter for heavy adults

QIEWA is not a new name in the world of electric scooters. It is one the most trust-worthy and reliable brand to buy electric scooters from.

Not only they provide the products but their genuine parts are also available with them. Anything faulty can be replaced with the new part from their store.

Moreover, they have a very amicable customer relation environment which leads its way to the top. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the hardware, cable or make as it is being done with the best quality out there.

The Q1Hummer by QIEWA is particularly designed for heavier adults and has a motor power of 800 Watts that allows it to cover a distance of 100 kms.

The motor is brushless which makes it smoother and quieter during the ride. One of the features that QIEWA is well-known for is there inclining angle ability of the scooters. The Q1Hummer has a power to go up to the 35-degree ascent.

Its maximum speed is 55km/h which is in the best range as this electric scooter supports the riding weight of up to 550 lbs.

Which makes it heavy-user friendly as the scooter does not slump. It has a PVC natural rubber that has a higher chassis with dual shock absorber and a double disc braking system.

The 10-inch chassis adds up to the strong and stable framework of the scooter. It is a foldable electric scooter so wherever you, you can it with you as this takes less traveling and storage space. USB port charging facility is available.


High Quality Hardware and Durable.
Anti-Theft Warning (internal buzzer and an electric remote start only).
800Watt Powerful Battery (Battery life indicator on handlebar).
Water-Proof Product
Head and Tail Light


Product Weight 55 lbs. That might be heavy to carry with.
Tail Light only works when the Head Light is on.
Sometimes it might slow down due to road/path to weight ratio.
Orders outside of the USA cannot be returned.


Weight Support550 lbs. /250 kgs
Top Speed55 km/h
Maximum Range100 kms
Battery26Ah 48V 5C lithium battery
Charging Time8-12 hrs. 

Warranty and Price

12 months of warranty for the product with a 6-month battery warranty.

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QIEWA Qmini Electric Scooter

Qiewa Qmini electric scooter for heavy adults

As we have discussed earlier, QIEWA is one of the best electric scooter manufacturer and producer with the highest quality assurance.

No need to worry if you are a heavy-weight user, QIEWA has got you covered. QIEWA has four electric scooters and the Qmini has two different variants depending upon the duration of warranty. One has a 1-year warranty and the other has a 30 days warranty which is known as Open Box.

Qmini once again is a master-piece by QIEWA as it has different usage to that of Q1Hummer. It has a bit less in weight that is 48 lbs. The brushless motor equipped in this scooter is of 500 Watts.

Therefore, covering less distance of 60 kms as compared to that of Q1Hummer 100kms. Weight supporting of this scooter is also 500lbs. The 12-inch chassis base framework provides it with even more stability and smooth riding, whereas the 8-inch tire further augments the grip on the road/paths.

One of the main features of this scooter is its compact-size composite. It is also foldable but we feel that though it has compact size but the weight of 48 lbs. is not very easy to carry along.

Therefore, the main features of this product are its 500 Watts brushless motor that provides the rider with a smooth, high speed but less distance experience. It has drum brakes unlike Q1Hummer’s disc brakes. 


500 lbs Weight CapacityHigh Quality Hardware and Durable.
Anti-Theft Warning (internal buzzer and an electric remote start only).
It has an advanced monitor to adjust speed levels.
500 Watts Mid-sized Battery
Water-Proof Product
Head and Tail Light
Dual Shock Absorber


Product Weight 48 lbs. That might be heavy to carry with given the company’s view of compact-size.
Tail Light only works when the Head Light is on.
Being lightweight, it will slump the speed with heavy-users.
Orders outside of the USA cannot be returned.


Weight Support550 lbs. /250 kgs
Top Speed60km/h
Maximum Range60 kms
Battery16Ah 48V 18650 5C lithium battery
Motor500 Watts

Warranty and Price

12 months of warranty for the product with a 6-month battery warranty.

Whereas Open Box has a warranty of 30 days.

Electric Scooters For 250 lbs.

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NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter

NanRobot D5+ electric scooter for heavy adults

NanRobot is one the leading producers of electric scooters and electric bikes. Their highly efficient team makes sure that they provide the customers with the best quality hardware and products.

Here we will be talking about their D5+ model of the electric scooter which is designed for the lower-limit of heavier adults ranging up to 250 lbs. It is one of the most efficient and high-speed electric scooters currently in the market.

This product outclasses many in the market with same price range. NanRobot D5+ has a 2000-Watt double drive. It can cover a distance of approximately 60-65 kms with the same speed of 60-65 km/h.

It has a net weight of 70 lbs. Its tire size is 10-inches which makes it very much capable in tough terrains as it has a strong grip on the road.

Though it’s slightly overweight but its folding is easy and convenient. D5+ has disc brakes and EBS which allows it to stop the bike instantly in case of sudden brakes.

It has premium comforting shock absorbers thus providing the rider with a smooth ride. The bright LED on the front helps the rider to go through the roads even in darkness. One of the features is the motor switching. Rider can ride either on 1000 W or 2000 W or simultaneously both.

This gives the electric scooter more power depending upon the weight to road/path conditions. Its battery life is also good. Overall. It’s a highly recommended electric scooter that is durable and reliable as it has a solid framework along with a seat. 


Attractive LCD Control Panel
Bright LED Headlight
Protection Cover for The Charging Plug
High Quality Rubber Tires
Alarm System
Seat Attachment


Not Recommended for Usage in Water
No Tail Light
Heavy Weight


Weight SupportUp to 250 lbs
Top Speed60-65 km/h
Maximum Range60-65 kms
Battery52v 26AH 18650 Lithium Battery
Charging Time10 hrs.

Warranty and Price

It comes with a warranty of one-year of the parts.

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Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

Glion Dolly Foldable electric scooter for heavy adults

Glion Dolly electric scooter is a lightweight, mid-range priced and a short distance commuting product yet it is perfectly designed for users who have higher weights so that people who are heavier can also use electric scooters without the restrictions of any weight class.

It has a very basic framework and simple structure that keeps it very easy to fold and carry with oneself just like a skate board. This electric scooter uses a brushless motor of 250 Watts that can take a light weight user to a distance of up to 20-25 kms depending upon the road to weight ratio with a speed of as fast as 25 km/h.

This light weight electric scooter only weighs about 28 lbs. Which makes it very viable to carry it along almost everywhere. The 8-inch honeycomb never-flat tires is one of the most prominent features of this product.

It has a monitor panel on its handlebar that gives the usage of the battery and the speed. It is a durable, reliable and easy to use electric scooter that is quiet and the hardware is of such good quality in this price range that this product is surely going to last with a rider longer than they think.

It has not much to offer to the rider but again, given the price of this product, this is indeed the best that one can get.


8-Inch Honeycomb Tire
Aluminum Alloy Framework
250W Brushless Motor for Smooth Riding
Vertical Self Standing Dolly Feature
Headlight with Rear Reflector
Pedestrian Bell


Battery Cycle Might Be Low
Replacement Battery Cost Would Be High
No Alarm System


Weight SupportUp to 255 lbs. / 115 kgs
Top Speed20-25 km/h
Maximum Range20-25 kms
Battery36v 7.8 AH 18650 Lithium Battery
Charging Time3.5 hrs.

Warranty and Price
Warranty is of 12 months or 1000 miles, whichever occurs first.

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Homgrace Foldable Electric Scooter for Teenager and Adult

Homgrace Foldable electric scooter for heavy adults

Last but not the least, this electric scooter is an entry level product for heavier riders. It comes with a battery of 10.4 AH which gives the product enough range to travel up to 30 kms whereas the maximum speed this product can offer is 20 km/h. 

It has a motor of 350 Watts. Its tire size is 8-inch. The braking system in this price range is good and there is a kickstand that will keep the scooter upright and prevent it from falling.

Equipped tires are of superior quality that allow the scooter to have a firm grip with the path of riding. Furthermore, it has a head light for low light riding sessions.

Overall, this electric scooter is suggested to those heavy-weight users who are about to buy their first electric scooter to get well acquainted with the mechanisms and techniques.


Easily to Store
No Harmful Emissions
Handlebar Height Can be Adjusted
Good Shock Absorber
Auto-balancing System
High Temperature Resistant

Battery in the Package is 8 AH Contrary to 10.4 Advertisement
Weighs 30 lbs.
Front Suspension Contrary to Advertised Both


Weight SupportUp to 265 lbs. / 120 kgs
Top Speed20 km/h
Maximum Range30kms
Battery42v 8 AH Lithium Battery
Charging Time6 hrs.

Warranty and Price
The warranty is this product is 24-months.

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