Best Folding Rowing Machines 2019

When looking for a home rowing machine.

Don’t let limited space stop you from buying the rower of your dreams. Because folding rowing machines are the perfect solution for owners with limited space just likey you.


Folding Rowing Machines Under $1500

Gronk Fitness Champion WaterRower

gronk fitness folding rowing machine

Gronk Fitness is one of the elites in this industry. It’s made in USA and they have been the most serious people out there for fitness and training equipment.

This obviously leads us to the Champion WaterRower and what its customers are aiming for. This machine can be used for both residential and commercial facility usage.

Most athletes use this rower to augment their skills. It’s highly effective for the fat loss with self-regulated resistance that very much echoes the natural rowing.

  Gronk Fitness have engineered this Champion WaterRower with such expertise that not only it is smooth but it has low impact on joints even in intense workout sessions.

Like many other celebrated rowing machines, this too has higher seating. The finishing is fine with ash wood and the machine is durable. Working mechanism targets all the major muscles and very gradually elevates the heart rate thus keeping all the workout under check yet intense.

Water flywheel makes it to emulate the natural rowing experience. Water rowing machines do not have resistance levels rather add or take out some water to change the resistance.  


  • Extremely Smooth and Soothing
  • High Seating
  • Effective Fat Loss
  • Cardio without Joints Pain
  • Builds Muscle
  • S4 Monitor
  • Weight Support up to 700 lbs
  • Adjustable Pedals with Straps
  • Stand Up Structure
  • Easy Mobility
  • Easy Assembly


Resistance Water
Resistance Levels Self-Regulated
Supported Weight Up To 700 lbs
Seating Height 20’’
Dimensions L:821/4’’ W:221/4’’ H:27’’
Weight 781/2 lbs empty
1151/2 with 17L of water

Warranty and Price

It comes with a warranty of 1 year that can be upgraded to 3 and 5 years respectively.

Model E with PM5 by Concept2

concept 2 Model E folding rowing machine

It is safe to say that Model E is an upgraded equipment relative to Model D.  Model E has a higher seat height which makes it very easy to be on-and-off the rower.

People with mobility issues of joints, higher waists or back problems highly recommend this as it is elevated to normal chair height. It is much easier for them to get in-and-off the Model E than Model D. But t is a bit more expensive than the Model D.

The finishing has a very sleek outlook to it. It is suggested that Model E should be used in high-and-heavy usage facilities. Its 20inch higher framework ameliorates the visibility and approach.

If you are buying an indoor rower machine of Concept2 for the first time, it is suggested that you go for Model E.


Performance Monitor

Just like Model D, Model E also has the same PM5 and it operates exactly the same way as, It also commensurate the date of every ride.

Sets up different modes for certain intensities. It can also be connected with wireless mediums of Bluetooth and ANT+ to further pair with fitness devices and apps.

Flywheel and Damper

This too works like Model D. It allows you to choose the intensities of exertion of your workouts. Damper allows you to adjust the airflow through flywheel.

Assembly, Mobility and Storage:

It can also be assembled very easily with the help of assembly manual provided with the equipment. Unlike Model D, this has 10 screws and it takes about 30-45 minutes to assemble the rower machine.

This also has the frame lock mechanism and can also dismantle into two separate parts. Its mobility is also identical to that of Model D. Its caster wheels allow it to roll very easily.

Seat Adjustment

This feature makes it to stand out of the equipment’s. Its 20inch higher framework is the ultimate plus. higher framework further adds up to the footrest and handle. It obviously augments more stability.

Option for Team Training

It adds up a slide with the Model E that gives the simulation of water and connects to other Concept2 rowing machines for team training.

Included with your Purchase

User Manual of Model D

PM5 Quick Start Guide

Tools and Assembly Instructions


Width 24 in (61 cm)
Seat Height 20 in (51 cm)
Monorail Length 54 in (137 cm)
Users with an inseam of 38 inches (96.5 cm) or more may require an extra-long monorail. Contact Concept2 for more information.
Maximum User Weight 500 lb (227 kg) as tested by Concept2.*
*300 lb (135 kg) as tested per European Stationary Fitness Equipment Testing Standard EN 20957-7.
Storage Can be separated into two parts for easy storage
Machine Weight 65 lb (29 kg)

Warranty and Price

Model E with PM5 is backed by a limited 2-year and 5-year warranty.

Folding Rowing Machines Under $1000

Model D with PM5 by Concept2

Concept 2 Model D folding rowing machine

Cocept2 is the name that pops up to anyone who knows even bits and pieces about rowing. It began in 1976 by two former Olympic athletes Dick and Pete Dreissigacker with racing oars.

In 1981, indoor rowers were introduced by them which to date have been used by Olympic facilities, athletes, individuals have them at home or workplaces and cardiac rehab patients.

Model D with PM5 is one of the best indoor rowing equipment that can be separated into two for storage. It is highly recommended by elite athletes and individuals who have used Model D of the Concept2.

It is highly affordable and easy to move. Its flexibility makes it very easy to work-out on. It is engineered effectively and efficiently which makes it the world’s bestselling indoor rower.

This equipment is very much viable for light and heavy cardiovascular workouts to shape the physique and fitness of the user. 


Performance Monitor

Model D has PM5 which provides the user with various modes that sets up the time, distance and strokes.

It can commensurate data measured in every workout as all the workouts are being saved on an internal memory (external USB drive Can also be plugged in).

Furthermore, the PM5 has a connectivity option for wireless Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless connectivity so that it can further be connected with fitness devices and applications on smart devices and join global challenges.

Flywheel and Damper

To be in full control of the intensity you put up in the workout, you can change the feel and resistance of strokes through spiral damper.

The damper allows you to adjust the amount of airflow that passes through the flywheel and it ranges from 1-10.  The engineering of the flywheel makes it smoother and less noisy.

Assembly, Mobility and Storage:

Model D has a frame lock mechanism. It’s a two-piece equipment with just 8 screws which makes it easy to assemble and dismantle.

It can roll on its caster wheels.  It has adjustable footrests and ergonomic handle.

Included with the Purchase

User Manual of Model D

PM5 Quick Start Guide

Tools and Assembly Instructions


  • 1) Max Weight Capacity: 500lbs
  • 2) folding: Yes
  • 3) Machine Weight: 57 lbs
  • 4) Monitor: PM5

Warranty and Price

Model D with PM5 is backed by a limited 2-year and 5-year warranty.

Sole SR500 Rower

sole sr500 folding rowing machine

Sole SR500 Rower is one of the best rowers out there due to its versatility. It’s available for less than a $1000. And in this price range, it offers a lot. It has air/magnetic resistance system with 16 levels which makes it quite louder than other rowing machines.

Its direct competitor is Model D by Concept2. It has a very strong frame and high seating which makes it very much viable for people with mobility issues.

One of the most eye-catching features is its 5.5′ LCD monitor that has 12 presets and multiple users can use it and save their data of workouts. The LCD displays the values of time, speed, distance, strokes per minute and total strokes, calories and heart rate.

These programmed presets make it very easy for the user to workout according to their fitness goals.

Moreover, it has controls in the handlebar that helps the user to change the intensity of workout without taking a break. It is folding so it saves a good amount of storage space but due to its size and lack of wheels, its mobility can be a problem.

Foot-rests are large but they cannot be angle adjusted. One point that must be mentioned here is that this rowing machine offers good cardio and strengthening training but it is not made for athletes as it cannot challenge the muscles much.


  • Air/Magnetic Smooth Resistance
  • High Seating
  • LCD with Presets and Heart Rate
  • Weight Up to 515 lbs
  • Easy Assembly


Size L:94’’ W:18’’ H:46’’
Supported Weight 515 lbs
Product Weight 115 lbs
Resistance Air/Magnetic
Levels 16 
Rail Aluminum

Warranty and Price

It’s the best warranty one can ask for. You get a life-time on the frame and 3 years for the parts.

Folding Rowing Machines Under $500

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine SF-RW5515

Sunny Health and Fitness have been prime quality distributors of health and fitness equipment. They have been in the business for 15 years now.

Helping the customers to acquire their fitness shape has been their principal source of motivation.

Sunny and health folding rowing machine

This rowing machine is one of the cheapest out there. It uses magnetic tensions which means it does not noise unlike other rowing machines.

The 8 levels of resistance which is quite good in this range can be controlled with a knob. This rowing machine has an LCD monitor that shows the time, count of strokes, calories burnt and total count.

It has non-slippery pedals with straps so that your body posture does not change during the rowing period. It is good for low cardiovascular exercise. And the cushioned seat furthers adds up to the comfort in this price range.

It is good for individual usage but not for the heavy and commercial usage. Looks are not attractive rather wearisome. It won’t be able to handle multiple users as it can cause it damage because the built quality is pretty shaky for high usage.


  • LCD Monitor
  • 8 Resistance Levels
  • Good Mobility
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Easily stored after usage


Resistance Type Magnetic
Levels of Resistance 8 Levels
Max User Weight 250lbs
Product Dimensions 82L x 19W x 23H in
Machine weight 60 lbs

Warranty and Price

A warranty of 3 months is given to the buyer.

Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine SF-RW5730

Sunny and healthSE RW5730 folding rowing machine

SF-RW5730 is one of the best rowing machines by Sunny Health and Fitness. The price tag of this product makes it an interesting product to look at given the point that this rowing machine has air and magnetic resistance.

The air resistance gives it a strong rowing experience whereas magnetic resistance keeps it calm and smooth with little to no noise of rowing.

Like most of the Sunny Health and Fitness products, this also comes with a simple interface LCD Monitor that displays stroke count, time, calories, distance traveled but it does not show heart-rate which we think is a loophole in such budget friendly rowing machine. Its LCD monitor also lacks backlight.

An additional feature of device holder is very much useful as the user can watch videos during their workouts with prime visibility. Foot pedals are slippery resistant with straps that keep the posture of the body stable.

The oversized padded seat further augments the stability in workouts and help to keep the focus on exercise.  It has built in wheels that make its mobility easy. Its assembly is simple and easy. Its folding structure allows for more storage options.


  • Air and Magnetic Resistance
  • 8 Levels of Resistance
  • folding Structure
  • Easy Mobility
  • Easy Assembly
  • Long Sliding Rail
  • Pedals Slippery Resistant
  • Padded Seat
  • Little Maintenance Required


Tension System Air/Magnetic
Max User Weight 265 lbs.
Resistance Levels 8 Levels
Slide Rail Length 39 inches
folding Yes
Portable Wheels Yes
Product Weight 44 lbs

Warranty and Price

This product comes with a warranty of 3 years of structural frame and 180 days of parts and components.

Stamina 1402 ATS Air Rower

Stamina began in 1987 and competed in the fitness equipment industry with high quality products.

Right away, it became one of the leading fitness product manufacturing and to date they have been providing their customers with the best quality and low prices as compared to the market.

stamina 1402 ats air rower

In mid-range price tag, Stamina 1402 ATS Air Rower is the best rowing machine to have with a few draw backs for its price range.

This rowing machine uses air resistance and it keeps up with the rowing speed. Like many other rowing machines, this too has a sturdy steel frame. 1402 ATS can bear a weight up to 250 lbs. It can be assembled easily.

The product has got some really good reviews about the durability as stamina ensures its customers the best quality in low prices. It’s a low height product that appeals to the people who want to feel natural and have no mobility issues unlike high rowing machines.

It can be used for commercial purposes as it can handle multiple riders.

Padded seats and larger pedals with straps that can be adjusted allow it to cater any size. But there are complaints from customers that the pedals are short.

Moreover, it has a folding frame which again saves a lot of storage space. The monitor of 1402 ATS Air Rower has some mixed reviews.

It works like the rest of monitors but lacks heart rate calculation and does not have any presets or modes for exercising. Overall, this an effective cardiovascular workout equipment in this mid-range category.


  • Smooth Strokes
  • LCD Monitor
  • Textured Pedals and Adjustable Straps
  • Padded Seat
  • Easy Mobility
  • Storage Space
  • Low Height
  • Floor Protectors


Resistance Air
Upright Storage Yes
Weight Capacity 250 lbs
Weight of the Machine 55 lbs
Size L:73.5’’ W:18.25’’ H:22’’
Frame Steel and Aluminum

Warranty and Price

The warranty of frame is 3 years and that of parts is 3 months.

JOROTO MR30 Rowing Machine

joroto mr30 folding rowing machine

In fitness equipment industry, JOROTO holds its own place. JOROTO has been producing high quality fitness equipment for over 30 years and they have well acclaimed their place because of their high-quality productions and customer friendly relations all around the world.

The MR30 rowing machine is a mid-range rowing machine for individual usage at home.

It has magnetic tension system with 8 levels of resistance which gives us some various levels and intensities based on user’s preference.

Its magnetic resistance makes it very smooth and little to no noise of rowing. It has a sturdy aluminum sliding rail that is unobtrusively smooth that has a cushion seat.

An HD electronic meter is placed right in the line of visibility that tracks the time, count, distance, calories, pulse and supports 12 groups of workouts.

It is folding, easy to move with its caster wheels and takes less storage space. Footrests are large with rear guards and they have straps to keep the stability during workouts.

It targets all the major muscle groups.

Overall, it is indeed a great rowing machine for low to high workouts in this mid-range price.


  • Magnetic Resistance with 8 Levels
  • HD Fitness Monitor with 12 Programs
  • Padded Handlebar and Seat
  • Adjustable Resistance Levels
  • Large Footrests
  • Caster Wheels and Floor Protectors
  • folding


Size L:70.5’’ W:21’’ H:31’’
Resistance Magnetic
Resistance Levels 8
Supported Weight 265 lbs
Product Weight 60 lbs
folding Yes

Warranty and Price

They provide a warranty of 1 year for frame and parts.