Top 5 Chandeliers for Kids Room

The enchantment and attractiveness of a chandelier can take your room to the next level. Kids are especially captivated by the glamour and utter buoyancy that chandeliers can bring to rooms.

Chandeliers can give the most magical feel to the rooms, with its bright lights and different shapes.


Different designs would also provide your children with different themed looks for their rooms. Chandeliers are available for all room sizes. Here are the top 5 kid’s rooms chandeliers from which you can choose the one that would make your kids excited and would provide their room with the look they prefer.

1) Amalfi Décor Chandelier for Kids Room

Amalfi Décor chandelier for kids room

This chandelier is perfect for a kid’s room. It gives a delegate look yet gives the glittery shine to the room. These are hand-crafted iron frames painted in semi-matte white color. The pink acrylic pendants add shine and allure the kids. This product is excellent for kid’s bedrooms, bathrooms, and study areas.

This large, fancy lighting fixture communicates light and mood and may create very cozy surrounding conditions in the room. LED lighting increases efficiency and reliability, which would allow you to get significant energy and cost savings at the same instant.

The chandelier is plug-in ready and contains matching ceiling hooks. It includes adjustable light bulbs with 3 Watt to 5 Watt LED base light bulbs. This item has a size of 7.5″ width, 7.5″ depth,13.5″ height and weighs 3 pounds. It comes in the most enchanting colors of pink, white, lavender and black.

You won’t have to purchase any additional accessories to mount it to the ceiling since it includes a complete ceiling kit. If you want your child to have a vintage image and simultaneously a classy sparkly atmosphere, then this is the product for you!


  • High-Quality Materials 
  • Plug-In Ready 
  • Adds Elegance


  • Size is petite.

2) LUOLAX Chandelier for kids room

Luolax chandelier for kids room

Luolax romantic ceramic pink flower chandelier is ideal for a girls’ room. It would give the room a magical and glamour image with its modern round crystal pendants. The crystals are K9 transparent with sharp edges and corners. They provide a gleaming effect to the room. Girls who prefer their room to look dreamy and enchanting must have this rose themed chandelier in their rooms.

It is fully dimmable when used with a dimmable bulb and compatible dimmer switch. This light comes in separate parts, and it is easy to assemble. For any damaged or faulty product, the company offers you a replacement or a refund of the purchase price.

The large body is metal electroplated which makes the lamp not easy to rust. This chandelier weighs 11.9 pounds and is 15.75″ long. This chandelier contains five lights and would need 110 volts to work. The flower design and shimmering crystals would give your girls’ rooms a modern look. If you have any displeasure after receiving the Chandelier light, customer service is available. No batteries are required for the product to work.


  • Modern Shiny Look
  • Comes With Free Lights


  • Hard to assemble
  • Lights cannot be dimmed 

3) Sunzy Modern Chandelier for kids

chandelier for kids room

Sunzy Modern Minimalist Bird’s nest Chandelier is the most adorable product for your children’s room. The nest is made up of aluminum wire, and the eggs of the birds portray white light bulbs. The two hanging birds give the most charming depiction. This addition would bring elegance and shine to the room at the same time. The decorative birds are removable if you don’t prefer them.

The light sources are 8 in total. This product has a G4 lamp bead; hence, you can decrease or increase the light intensity. The design brings about a modern simplicity to the children’s room. It works with a voltage from 110 to 220 Volts. It has a diameter of 50 cm, and the hanging wire is adjustable. This chandelier is one of the most enchanting products that your kid should have in their room. This item will help to make the room feel more intimate.


  • Provides an elegant, classy and magical look to the room
  • Modern chandelier and yet depicts simplicity
  • No batteries required


  • No color range (Birds are available only in white)

4) Amalfi Chandelier for kids

Almalfi Chandelier for kids

Amalfi Decor 4 Light LED Crystal Beaded Chandelier is made up of handcrafted wrought iron, glass pendants, and 4 LED lights. The crystal beads and glass pendant provides shine to your kid’s room.

The chandelier contains a dimmable plug as well and comes in three colors, white, gold, and silver. It comes with extra crystals in case there is a breakage. And is decorated with clear hand-strung K9 quality glass crystal beads and pendants providing a gleaming look to the room.

The wrought iron frame coated in these three colors provides an antique glow. It is ready to hang chandelier with a 15 ft. plug-in electronic cord. This sturdy frame is easy to clean with a soft dry cloth. It weighs 8 pounds and has a size of 4″ (Width) x 17″ (Height).

top quality glass crystals and brushed with an old-style finish. The finish is more of a mat brass with silver layering that gives it a nice original look. The large, fancy lighting fixture comes with a ceiling mount kit with simple instructions. This product demands very little assembling. This chandelier best for nursery rooms, baby girl’s rooms, and dining rooms.


  • Provides a vintage elegance
  • The product includes matching ceiling hooks.
  • It is plug-in ready, so minimal assembling is required.


  • Poor Quality Control
  • Installation of the product may be tricky as it contains long screws only.

5) CMX-LED Chandelier for Kids

CMx Led Chandelier for kids

CMX light dimmable flush mount is a beautiful and delegate ceiling lamp chandelier for your kid’s room. The butterfly-shaped lighting would let your child enjoy their time and may open creative minds. This chandelier would make their room decent and beautiful. The bulb is easy to install and comes along with it. 

The item weighs 8.8 pounds and is 19.68″ (length), 15.74″ (width) and 3.93″ (height). It needs a voltage of 110v to work. The design and style would make the room look modern. It includes high glowing efficiency, high color creating and displaying index, good heat disappearing (or wasting), no flicker and no radiation.

It is a great product to decorate your room. You can choose color temperature and brightness as you like by the remote control to create your kid’s intimate atmosphere. The butterfly-shaped ceiling lamp gives an artistic look to the room. CMX light chandelier can be purchased for several interiors. 

It has a long life; it is straightforward to install and has no noise. The chandelier provides soft light that protects your eyes and brains. For children that prefer their room to have a nature theme, this butterfly-shaped chandelier is an accurate product. 


  • Dimmable
  • Easy to assemble 
  • High-end quality


  • Colour variety is not available 

From the list above, it can be easy to choose the chandelier that would bring attractiveness and elegance to your child’s room. You should select the product that would match the furniture and background of the room. The quality and light controlling features are also to be kept in mind. Many people would prefer the product that has a dimmer so that they can change the lighting in resemblance to the mood your child prefers. Also, the lights used in it should be cost-effective and safe for the eyes.

There is also a need for themes to be kept in mind. Whether the room is themed vintage or modern, you need to choose the chandelier that would match the theme and look of your child’s room. Chandeliers save a lot of space as they are the perfect substitute for large lamps or other lighting fixtures. 

They are a piece of art that attracts glimmer, beauty, and attraction, even for a child. They would give your children’s room a warm, welcoming atmosphere and versatility at the same time. Choose a chandelier that would be cost-effective, has quality control and is as stylish as you want the kid’s room to be.