5 Best Study Table For Kids

As being parents, the thing that matters the most is the health and study habits of your children. Usually, kids studying while lying on a bed or a couch start to feel lazy in a short while and get distracted. Plus, kid’s writing is most improvised while sitting on bed or sofa and writing; it becomes cluttered. 

The most preferred solution is a table and chair that best suits your kid’s needs. So your kids can sit straight in the correct posture without getting tired and can have a smooth surface to write flawlessly. For this, we have a list of study tables for kids that you can choose from. 


These study tables for kids vary based on durability, price, and features. You must look for one that suits your space and kid’s age group. 

1) Enjoyous luxurious Ergonomic Adjustable

The enjoyous luxurious is a wonderful choice to make as it is very comfortable and can perform more than one function. It is designed for the children to complete their work comfortably and also protects their eyesight. It is very convenient and adjustable in different ways. You can rotate the tabletop 0~45 angle according to the child’s need. Different kids prefer a flat surface to write and slightly tilted when they are reading or drawing, so to help you with that you have an option. 

It also provides a facility for adjusting the desk according to the height of a child so that children of different ages and heights can use it by changing the table or chair’s height. For the convenience of a child, it includes a drawer in which children can keep their pens, pencils, books, or any other stationery. 

The high-quality steel frame ensures long term usage. It has an MDF environment-friendly desktop for safe use. The chair’s back and the seat has a double-layer surface with various holes for cooling and ventilation that provides a more comfortable way for your child to sit. It includes a non-slip feet pad, which helps to improve the stability and protects the floor from scratches.

It is available in two different sizes; medium and large. You can choose the size that is suitable for your child, considering the space in your house. The adjustable desk height ranges from 54-76 cm, while the chair has 32-44 cm height adjustment. The approximate dimensions of the table are 26.97*21.46*20.67 inches and chair, 14.76*13.58in. It weighs 29.4 pounds. 


  • Keep your kids in a comfortable sitting and proper body posture.
  • Develops a good study habit
  • A large storage drawer to keep things
  • Easy to clean


  • It can only be used for limited age of children.

2) XXFBag Kids child desk and chair set

Are you worried about your kids lying on the couches and doing homework in wrong postures? The XXFBag desk and chair set is an appropriate desk for children in the age group of (3-12) years. It has a tiltable desktop, 0°-40°, which would help to protect your child’s eyesight. A precise distance from the chair according to their needs, will reduce eye fatigue. And an excellent posture for him/her to sit in this chair helps in the child’s spine shaping.  

It has an adjustable desk and chair, which will make it easy for your kids to adjust according to their height. Not only this, to ensure a long useful life, this high-quality product is built using an MDF board and solid steel frame for the chair. Thus it is very durable and long-lasting. 

It has an ergonomic design for a healthy sitting posture. The chair is a slightly contoured form that follows the natural curves of thighs for improved blood circulation. The ventilation grooves on the chair provide good airflow so that your child can sit comfortably for a long time.

Other features include a pull out drawer with compartments for your child to stay organized, keeping all the stationery inside. It has a hook on the side so you can hang the backpack on. Also, it has an anti-fall stopper, which prevents materials from falling while the desktop is inclined.

It is available in two colors, pink and blue. The desk and chair are very straightforward to assemble. It weighs 29 Lbs, and dimensions for the table are L26.97″ x W19.29″x H (32.68″-39.37″) and chair W15.75″ X D14.96″ X H (28.74″-31.89″). The package consists of three things; a desk, a chair, and a one-piece manual (to assemble the product). 


  •  Small, but mighty
  • Save children’s eyesight
  • Provides a great posture 
  • Can be used a whiteboard as well


  • Will not work if your child has a height of 4″ 6

3) Guide Craft Children Media Desk and Chair Set

Are you looking for something versatile to decorate your child’s room? This study table is the best choice to make. Beautifully designed for the kids to develop a good study habit. Tabletop provides plenty of elbow room and is the best place for the children to complete their work, craft, read, or do research work. 

Along with a spacious desktop with a large corkboard panel, five spacious shelves, and two slots in the desk for the convenience of the child so that the child can easily organize all his/her things in a synchronized way. It has handy cutouts to hide cords and wires if you plan to place a desktop computer or a laptop. This media desk and chair set comes in different colors; white, teal, lavender, and grey.

It has a durable construction with solid and engineered wood with a lacquer white veneered surface. It is mainly for kids aging between 5-12. The height of the seat is 15.5, and the dimension of the desk are 44w× 24D ×26H, and chair,15.5W ×15.5D×32H. The product weighs 53 pounds. 


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Enough storage space
  • Very sturdy


  • Occupies a larger space

4) Unicoo Bamboo Height Adjustable Kids Desk and Chair Set

If you are conscious about your environment, the Unicoo Bamboo series is a perfect choice here. The chair and desk are 100% natural bamboo, eco-friendly material. It has a very smooth surface and a beautiful appearance. 

The height of the desk and chair is adjustable to keep up with your fast-growing kids. It includes a hutch with six storage shelves to organize things like stationery, books, and notebooks accordingly.

Dimensions of the desk are 31.5 “L x 18.5.0 “W x 29.5 “H and chair’s 13.25 “L x 13.25 “W x 26.75 “H. It is the best fit for children of ages 3-10 years old. It weighs around 27 pounds. You can always return if the item is not as described or damaged within 14 days of receipt. 


  • Eco-friendly
  • Adjustable height of desk and chair


  • No range of colors to attract children
  • Assembling can be time-consuming

5) Mecor Kids Desk and Chair Set

 Mecor offers a baby blue desk and chair set. It has an inclined slope desktop that provides a better angle for reading and writing and is also great for posture. This desktop, made of an E1 grade non-reflecting MDF board that helps to protect a child’s eyesight.

The split backrest consists of two flexible blade-type back, which helps to protect your child’s back and reduce 65% pressure on the lumbar spine. It has high-quality steel made reverse T-shaped legs and non-slip pads that help kids not to slip or tilt back and fall. 

Coming to the storage space it has, the desk involves a large storage drawer with bookshelves to manage the books. Not only this, it includes embedded grooves to hold pen and pencils and has two handy hooks to hang the backpack or water bottle. 

It has an adjustable desk and chair that your children can manually lift and adjust the height accordingly. The desk and chair dimension details are 26.7″ Wx21.2″ L, Slope desktop size:26.7″ Wx14.6″ L. Desk height adjustment: 21.3″-28.3″ H; Chair height adjustment:12.6″ to 17.3″ H.


  • Additional storage available
  • Protects the eyesight of children
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Poor customer support

Concluding, A study table for kids is a must thing to have. All these chairs and tables for kids have unique features that you can avail of. For your kids, you must choose wisely. It would help if you decided according to what you and your kid’s needs are. Chose the one that suits your child correctly and the place where you are going to place it.

 More importantly, it would be best if you get a desk and chair that is durable and of high quality so you can keep it in use for a long time.