Best Massage Chairs Reviewed from 2018

Finding the best massage chair is essential because it can help you feel comfortable all the way around. The best massage chairs on the market can help restore your body and keep pains from being an issue. This is especially important for when you have back pains that are far too persistent.

You can find numerous attractive massage chairs for all your relaxation needs. Such chairs are made to be comfortable on your body and will give you the carefully produced and prepared massage that you deserve after a long day.


Massage chairs are designed with layouts keeping in mind comfort and relaxation. They use padding all around your body and position you into numerous positions. The individual bends and angles on each chair offer a comfortable layout.

The best massage chairs work with motors. These can be adjusted to work at different speeds and motions, thus giving you extra help for getting a good massage up and running.

Some of these chairs support a zero gravity positioning setup to keep your heart from working too hard. Others use special massage spots that are easily triggered and operate at several speeds.

When looking for a chair, you have to see how well it fits. It should come with plenty of massaging spots and support for all parts of your body. A chair must also come with a soft texture and enough control features to give you the most out of your chair as you aim to use it right.

A great massage chair will increase flexibility and circulation around your body. It must also keep your heart rate under control while improving upon how your muscles recover following stressful workouts or other tough feelings you might have around your body.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 8 of the best massage chairs on the market. Each massage chair comes with a good layout that is easy to lie on without being hard on your body. Individual features of each chair are discussed in detailed below. We hope you find our massage chair reviews helpful.

Kahuna LM6800 | Best Massage Chair #1

best massage chair

If you are really looking for the best massage chair on the market, the Kahuna LM6800 is the first option for you to see.

It uses an L-track massage system that creates a full layout which is comfortable on your body without feeling stiff or making it hard to use.

It basically is a pathway which have the massage rollers or air bags installed at the points that can provide the extreme comfort to your back and allows you to get the most out of the massage.

The four-rollers used in the L-track massage system help to decrease the tension in the back muscles and make you more relaxed. These rollers move around the spine and use the phenomena of compression and de-compression to make you feel lighter, relaxed and stress free.

The air-cell massage system gives your shoulders and other parts a good layout that is comfortable and easy to support.

One intriguing point about the chair is that it analyzes your weight and the shape of your body with its body scan technology and adjusts the rollers accordingly along with reviewing how much pressure should be applied through the rollers, which makes it the best choice if you want a massage chair.

The chair is comfortable and adds a good feeling onto your body. General scanners around the entire body of the chair review the pressure being produced on the surface and how the massage functions are to work.

This creates enough massage pressure without being rough on the body.

Kahuna LM-6800 uses 5 manual massage techniques along with 6 auto massage programs. It allows the users to choose whether they want to target any specific area of their body for the massage session like lower back, upper back or the mixture of lower back and body or they want a full body massage.

The 5 massage techniques that are used in this chair include tapping, kneading, rolling, shiatsu and the kneading/tapping combination.

Also, the chair provides heating therapy or heat massage, to open the pours of your body and increase the blood circulation.

Dual foot rollers on the foot area make your feel much more relaxed as they provide your feet with extra comfort.

The Kahuna Signature Programs are special feature that provide you additional value for the great choice you have made. One of these programs is yoga stretching while the other is SH-Chiro.

Yoga stretching program stretches your body and creates a more active sensation which increases the blood flow inside your body.

The SH-Chiro program is the one that is designed specifically for your spine.  

Foot padding materials are included around the bottom part of the chair to add a more comfortable tone and setup that is easy to relax on.

The individual parts of the chair bend in many directions as well. They support a number of body positions that are easy to relax with.

This gives you more help for stretching your body and also with keeping your blood circulation levels under control.

The Shiatsu massage feature especially does well for keeping your body relaxed.

This is a traditional Japanese technique that uses a circular motion with deep kneading motions. It targets acupuncture points around your body to relieve stress and improve circulation around many parts of your body.

It releases tension and keeps your muscles relaxed without feeling more irritated or hard to manage.

This massage chair is surely a combination of all great features, but apart from the massage features, another extra benefit is there too, and that is its space saving technology.

The 3 zero gravity positions recline chair, but while reclining, the seat slides forward. As a result, the user doesn’t need a lot of space for the transition but only needs to put it 3 inches away from the wall.

Key features:

  • Works with multiple manual massage options including kneading, tapping and rolling
  • Shiatsu massage option targets five separate parts of your body
  •   Special Kahuna Signature programs like Yoga stretching and SH-Chiro
  •  The L-track massage system with four rollers
  •   Auto body scan technology
  • Three zero gravity positions included
  • Dual foot rollers used on the foot area
  •  Space saving technology
  • Heating system works on the lower back and legs
  • Rollers can be adjusted at three different speeds

Relaxonchair MK-II | Best Massage Chair #2

best massage chair

The Relax on chair MK-II is also a great contender for the Best Massage Chair category.

This chair also allows three zero gravity positions for the users to enjoy the massage.

Each position elevates your feet up to the same level as your heart. This keeps gravity from adding too much pressure onto your back and gives you the opportunity to relax as you sleep without making your heart work harder in any way.

The L-track layout on this chair is designed to help people who have lower back pains or sore gluteal muscles.

It also helps those who are struggling with sciatica as it keeps them from feeling worn out.

This layout keeps the body in a proper reclining position that keeps pressure from being a threat, thus offering a more relaxing and comfortable sitting position and environment the user is bound to enjoy having.

The L-track especially does well with helping to keep your heart elevated at a proper rate while reclining.

The rollers used in the L-track move from the upper back of the user to all the way down in the seat to provide a complete massage and a pleasurable user experience. These rollers proceed smoothly and keep the blood flowing well around your body as you are reclined in any position for the massage.

This chair also does well for keeping your body at rest and under control but you should see how well the track is organized so you have more control over how well your body will feel as you are getting the treatment you want.

Two heating pads are found in the lumbar area. These relax your muscles and keep aches and pressure in the area from being too hard.

Individual heating pads are applied around your body to help you feel relaxed and comfortable for any kind of treatment you wish to use and improve the blood circulation in the body.

The cushions around your body work with individual massage motors that offer three levels of massage support. Each section can be programmed through a remote.

This gives you extra help for keeping your body relaxed and comfortable.

The remote that comes with the chair is especially detailed. It features a small display screen that shows how you are controlling the chair. Several buttons are utilized to adjust individual massage spots and to change their pressure or speed levels. It gives you more control over a fully customized and organized layout for a massage.

The body scanning sensors used inside the chair measure the spine length automatically and adjust the rollers accordingly. This prepares a better massage as the spots that are important and are to be triggered.

The massaging pads used in the lower back and hip area use pressure and compressions to not only massage the back but help to align your lower back with the pelvis area of your body.

This chair uses 4 auto massage programs which give the feel of being massaged by a professional while the 5 massaging techniques are used to target the specific areas of the body manually. You can also use the stretching program to stretch your body and relax the muscles.

With all these features that are being provided and the quality of materials used, this chair certainly deserves to be among the best massage chairs.

Key features:

  • Five manual targeted massage options
  • Four automatic programs for more parts of your body
  • Deep tissue massage option provides a software setup
  • Airbag pressure on arm and calf areas has been reduced
  • Three zero gravity positions
  •  Auto body scanning program
  •  Option to adjust the pressure and the speed of the massage
  •  Heating pads for the comfort and relief in the lower back areas.

BestMassage Ec-06c| Best Massage Chair #3

best massage chair

Are you facing serious muscle stress issues or feel severe pains in your back area, shoulders or the waist? The next chair on our list of best massage chairs is certainly a good solution for all these problems.

Best Massage made this chair as a model that reduces muscle stress and keeps fatigue around the body from being a problem.

It does not have as many features as other models but it is available for less than a $1,000, thus making it a good bargain choice.

It uses an extensive compression feature that works around the legs. The cushions on the legs pair with strong motors that keep the legs relaxed and comfortable.

In addition, the steady materials keep the legs comfortable without feeling overly rough or hard to manage. This in turn keeps the legs healthy.

The posture is improved as more muscles are stretched out without them being at risk of serious problems.

Recliner of the chair can recline the user to the maximum angle of 170 degrees which is a good lying position to have the massage and enjoy the relief being provided.

The air bags in this model are organized around the entire chair to create a comfortable layout all the way through. There are more than thirty of them all around the chair.

These air bags are paired with the built-in heating system that is easy to adjust in terms of how warm the rollers are. This helps to dull out pains and stresses around your body and creates a relaxing and comfortable layout.

The neck massage feature is an important feature to look at. The massage point works by using a strong layout where individual parts of the neck are targeted.

The massage heads work on many spots around the neck to treat pains and irritation around the region, thus establishing a comfortable layout that the user will enjoy.

The massage features can be quickly adjusted with the simple control panel around the main body of the chair.

These features are easy to control and shift around in many forms to create a better layout that is comfortable without being hard to apply.

It should be used well for giving you the relaxed style that you deserve for your rest.

Key features:

  • Reclines well into an L shape
  •  Heating pads used in the lower back area and foot area.
  • Control panel next to the end of the chair offers more controls plus easy access
  • Wood panel features on the arms create relaxing surfaces
  • Air pressure massage feature for the buttocks keeps the area comfortable and loosened
  • Rolling and kneading motions available for use
  • Foot and leg ottoman can recline backwards
  • Neck rest is fully flexible and easy to adjust or set into a certain position

Infinity Iyashi | Best Massage Chair #4

best massage chair

Infinity produced this quality Iyashi chair as a model that offers a 49-inch massage stroke.

This large stroke is used to treat more spots around your body and keep it relaxed through the entire massage process and if we look at the market, this chair has got the longest stroke. This longer stroke is needed to cover more area and treat all the important parts of your body with proper care.

It has to be flexible and long enough to target your spinal column and surrounding areas.

The long length of the stroke allows your body to be massaged and treated well.

This in turn adds a better layout for your body without being hard to apply.

The track system also does well for creating a position for the chair that adjusts its footprint and horizontal layout to make it easier for you to get a good setup going even in restrictive areas.

It positions your body and adjusts the massage rollers quite well in spots where it is often tough to get a good massage.

The track setup also uses a good design that is easy to use without slipping off or otherwise putting your body in unexpected or unplanned positions that might be tough for you to support or use.

This has a setup that links to a portable media player to do more than just play back music.

It also uses a synchronic massage system where the chair links to your Bluetooth-enabled device. With this, the massage motions work alongside the beat of the music.

This creates a more immersive experience for a massage that is relaxing and offers a good layout you are bound to enjoy.

Air bag pressure massages work for more parts around your body.

These air bags offer comfortable tones that are easy to handle without being rough or hard to use.

The triple shoulder air bags especially offer a special layout that is comfortable and flexible to target the most difficult spots around your body that you might experience excess pressure at.

The massage motors around the chair add more help for keeping you comfortable.

These motors include ones that work on the feet and legs to target even the smallest and lightest spots around your body.

Foot rollers that are being used for the foot massage boost the user experience and make you fell light and fresh. They work on your feet in a way that not just boosts the effect of the massage but also increases the blood circulation in the body and allows you to enjoy better sleep.

The cushioned body also offers a relaxed layout that is easy to sit down on.

It does not feel overly stiff or tough as it instead offers a comfortable layout that is gentle on your body and does not add more pressure than what you can afford.

Key features:

  • Bluetooth connection links it to many control units and even links to media players for music playback in its speakers
  • Lumbar heat system included
  • Zero gravity positions allow for an added reclining space
  • Bright red seating area available
  • Handles up to 285 pounds in weight

Brookstone ReAct Shiatsu | Best Massage Chair #5

best massage chair

Brookstone has long been selling many of its quality tech products for home use at many shopping malls around the country.

The company makes many massagers and comfortable surfaces for all people to enjoy. The company has expanded its offerings to include the ReAct Shiatsu Massage Chair.

It is available below the $1,000 price tag, but does not have as many features as what other more expensive models have.

Still, it is ideal for people looking for something relatively cheap.

This chair is a little more compact for most uses.

Instead of having an overly massive foundation, it has a slight foundation that offers a good surface that is comfortable and easy to handle.

The L-track support is provided in the chair which offers a good layout that is comfortable and easy to sleep on.

The smaller foundation is especially needed for giving you a more focused space.

As you rest on the chair, you will feel comfortable without having to take up lots of space.

In fact, the portable nature of this chair adds to something all the more useful for your needs.

The L-Channel message feature in this Brook stone chair works with one track for treating your entire body.

The single track layout offers a comfortable design that your body can easily support without being rough or hard to use. It also uses two massage function options including full body and full back selections.

These offer more comfortable layouts that allow your body to feel a little more stimulated.

This chair also provides you with heat support which can be adjusted with different tones in mind, as per the user desire or the requirements.

This feature allows your body to be relaxed because of decreased muscle tension and improved blood circulation in the body.

It is also useful for the people who are suffering from aches and back pains.

The control panel is on the right-hand side of the chair.

It is easy to reach and lets you access it while relaxing so you do not have to adjust your position far too much to get an adjustment going.

This setup also uses a layout that is not too hard to shift or adjust as needed. It is a comfortable option for keeping your body relaxed.

The flat design on the bottom also offers a good layout that gives you more control over how you sit on it. It allows you to adjust the layout of the chair without it shifting around.

This comes even as the chair is rather light in weight and easy to position around a variety of spots in your home.

This is especially designed for lighter needs. It does not require you to put in far too much effort for getting it all organized.

This should be used well to give you a nicer tone that your body will benefit from when used right.

Key features:

  • Compact at only around 61 pounds in weight
  • Handles up to 265 pounds
  • Spot massage solution targets certain areas
  • Pillow can be removed as needed
  • Heat support can be adjusted with different tones in mind

Real Relax | Best Massage Chair #6

best massage chair

Real Relax makes various appealing chairs for a number of seating needs.

These include the company’s prominent massage chair that offers a relaxed and enjoyable design.

The main massage chair from Real Relax is built with zero gravity features that uses Shiatsu massage controls.

The zero gravity position reclines the chair to a position where the weight of the user is divided evenly on every part and thus provides the more comforting and relaxing experience.

It uses 35 air bags placed around the body. These are organized rather evenly and conveniently to create a better amount of coverage over your entire body.

Rollers are included in the foot area to gently massage the feet and restore natural body functions.

The rollers operate under the philosophy that by traveling your feet, it becomes easier for other parts around your body to recover.

The circulation around your body is improved while pains in the feet are eliminated, thus giving the body more control for keeping pains in check.

By targeting the main root where many pains might be found in, it becomes easier for the body to feel relaxed and comfortable.

The eight individual massage points around the massage chair back rest works with other programs inside the chair. These target more spots that are comfortable and easy to handle.

The heater is also installed inside the seat. This promotes metabolic functions and blood circulation to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

Four individual auto massage programs are included are also included in this chair. These give you many great massage options that are relaxing and easy on your body instead of using the one massage program that might be harsh on your body or doesn’t benefit you the way you need it to be.

The arm rests are organized separately from the main body of the chair. You would have to get the arm rests added onto the sides of the chair. This is due to the large size of the chair.

Fortunately, the process of getting the rests added does not take much time to manage. This offers a good layout that is comfortable and not too hard to work with in any situation.

For the individuals who are taller, this massage chair offers the option of extended foot rests which can be used if the user have a problem with adjustment while sitting in the chair.

This massage chair is made by using the best quality artificial leather which is very soft and comfortable to sit on.

The remote control that is provided with the massage chair can be used easily to target the body parts very precisely and control the movements of the rollers and other massaging options.

There is also a built in display screen on this chair which is used to inform the user about what features he is using at the moment or how the hair is being used.

With all these good features and beautiful design, this chair is still affordable and is one of the less pricey massage chairs in our list. This is one of those chairs which provide you with almost every option without making it too luxurious. So, if you are looking for a chair that can satisfy all your needs and is not very pricey, this chair is the one to go for.

Key features:

  • Zero gravity position support
  •  4 Auto massage programs
  •  Heater/ heat system is installed
  •  Supports around 440 pounds of weight at the most
  • Leather body is soft and easy on your skin
  • Foot rests can be extended for taller users
  • Display screen on the chair lists information on how the chair is being used

Relaxonchair MK-IV Zero Gravity | Best Massage Chair #7

best massage chair

Enjoy a comfortable Shiatsu massage with a built-in heater with this next chair from Relax on chair.

It uses an air massage system that produces pressurized air which moves around your body to create comfortable sensations.

This offers a good body for relaxing your joints and other body parts without risking problems like your joints or other spots around your body feeling too rough or hard to treat.

The chair is designed with a body that uses less space.

It slides forward while the headrest moves down to create a good zero gravity position.

It works with minimal clearance in mind, thus making it easier for you to get a good position running when using the chair.

The chair uses a comfortable design that is not too hard to utilize.

The S-shape design is a key feature to see as well.

It is a little different from the L-shape you would find in most other chairs. This offers a special layout with a curve that is somewhat similar to your body’s natural curve.

It applies well onto your body and offers a relaxed design that is not too rough and keeps your spinal column relaxed without feeling lots of stress in the process.

Five automatic programs are used in this chair.

The programs work with individual controls for specific parts of your body.

These offer back and waist support and can quickly offer a nice tone that is easy for your body to support.

The individual features around the auto programs are made with different needs in mind.

These include deep massage options that target acupressure points plus added recovery options for improving how well your blood circulation levels can be handled.

This offers a good layout that offers a comfortable body for you to rest on.

You can even program your own individual settings for your massage needs. Such settings offer a great layout that is comfortable and easy for your body to handle.

With these added customized settings, you can quickly get your body treated well with different options that manage specific parts of your body.

It offers a good layout that is not hard on your body and is easy to adjust.

The shoulders can be adjusted in height. You can do this to quickly manage the massage points and get them to position very specific spots around your body.

This in turn creates a better layout that gives you extra comfort.

Carbon fiber is also used inside the chair to create a comfortable heat source for your needs.

This offers a good layout that keeps you from feeling worn out or cold while getting a good massage.

Key features:

  • Various levels of intensity and speed included
  • Six different massage options including combinations of kneading and tapping
  • Deep air massage works with gentle pressure without being hard
  • Back heat levels remain stable
  • Arm massager comes with eight separate air bags and can move with the user while reclining into a zero gravity position
  • Remote control uses smart technology to identify individual massage needs

Osaki OS4000T | Best Massage Chair #8

best massage chair

The last of the special options to see for a massage chair is the Osaki OS4000t.

This is another zero gravity chair that offers a more customized approach for getting you to feel relaxed and under control.

The computer inside the chair offers a full body scan feature.

This identifies how well you can get a great massage without being rough or hard on your body.

This does well for adjusting all the features in your chair including the foot roller at the bottom part.

The air massage system works around many parts of your body.

It even works on the arm rests.

These work with enough cushions to create a good design that is comfortable and not too hard to use.

Automatic reclining features are included for a stronger layout that is comfortable and worth getting onto.

The leg extension support features also add a nice style that is enjoyable and strong to relax on. The extension lets you move the massage points around to target specific spots around your body.

This in turn offers a good layout that would add a better tone that gives you a good look all around.

Six massage styles are used in this chair.

These pair with five speed and intensity levels.

The S-track design also conforms to your natural body shape to keep you relaxed without feeling too much stress when getting the chair ready.

The intelligent system inside the chair does well for reviewing the individual massages you require at a certain time.

The wireless control pairs well with the full control panel system.

This arrangement gives you more control over your experience in treating your body to a comfortable massage.

The panel also displays in full detail how well the massage is working, thus letting you see how well the treatment works without problems coming out of your setup.

Key features:

  • Timer works with massages from 5 to 30 minutes in length
  • Arm massages work around all parts of your body
  • Leg rests can be lifted
  • Supports up to 255 pounds
  • Five levels of speed for massage motions
  • Vibration and shoulder massage features keep your body active and healthy

Real Relax Massage Chair – Best massage chair #9

Real relax 2018 3d massage chair
This Real Relax massage chair is one of the best massage chairs available in the market.

The SL- track feature moves from neck to hip for a more consistent massage and to provide the extreme comfort to the user.

There are four auto massage programs in this chair which work from head to foot and make it feasible for the user.

Robot hands use the kneading an acupressure to massage the head which makes you lighter. Shoulders and hips are massaged though the air bags while the alternative for hip massage is available as kneading, to relax the buttocks. Foots are massaged by the foot roller system to keep it more enjoyable and comfortable. The foot roller systems works to relieve stress from your feet.

Another important feature is the heat therapy in the chair.

All these massage features combined make the best Real Relax massage chair and can be controlled easily. Also the remote controller allows the users to control the reclining features.

Its body molding technology makes the adjustment easier. The user can sit in the seat very comfortably and the seat will automatically adjust as per the body shape.

The timer of this massage chair is 15 minutes per session by default, but it can be changed according to the user need and requirements. The massage chair will remember your choice, so you won’t have to change it every time you are going to use this chair.

This chair also goes to zero gravity position easily, with just a simple push of the button, and helps the user to stay relaxed in the best position, with controlled heart rate.

For the foot massage, there are foot rollers that work in an artistic way to make the user experience more delightful.

Its computerized body scan technology works in an excellent way. It detects the size of the body of the user and adjusts the back massage rollers according to that size.

To make the user experience a bit more fun, this Real Relax massage chair has the option of Bluetooth audio play. You can enjoy music while the massage chair’s rollers and air bags work to relax your body.

In general, it provides you with a more relaxing and enjoyable experience.

This chair is not just the combination of all great features, it also saves the space. The massage seat moves forward while changing the position; like going back to zero gravity position, instead of backward movement of the back of the chair. The footrest can also be folded on top of the chair, which certainly saves space.

You just need to keep it 1.96 inches away from the wall and you are good to go.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the extra energy use because the chair automatically goes to sleep mode. Also there are various health models which can be used according to the customer preference.


The latest SL track feature
Auto body detecting system
Less space required
Heat therapy
Robot hands for head massage
Zero gravity position with the push of single button
Bluetooth audio play
Sturdy and Comfortable
Timer for every session


Limited massage programs (4 in total)
Makes a little bit noise (acceptable level, but it is not completely silent)
No instructions manual is provided with the chair.

Kahuna Sm7300 – Best Massage Chair #10

kahuna sm-7300 massage chair
Kahuna SM7300 is a massage chair equipped with top performing technology and most comfortable materials.

The new SL track system is equipped with 6 massage rollers to provide the complete massage to the users from shoulders to the tail of the spine or the buttocks area.

With up to 9 auto massage programs, which can be chosen as per the preference of the customer because every program is designed for a different and unique massage and targets different areas. These 9 programs include the special yoga program which is used for stretching muscles, the office person program, which specifically targets the neck of the user and shoulders and the senior mode, which provides and gentle massage to the overall body.

As all the best massage chair, this Kahuna SM7300 has the gravity position options. In this position, the weight of the user is spread across the chair which relieves stress and the user feels as he is weightless and the massage effects increase due to lower stress in the body.

Apart from the SL track, the hips and arms are massaged by the air cell massage which helps in the alignment of the spine and relieves pain from the hips by providing compressions. On the fabric of the arms area, there are acupressure points designed for better circulation of blood in the hands and arms and you don’t have to worry about how it would find the acupressure points because the auto detection system for acupressure points works fine.

The feet are massaged through the wrap-around squeeze air cell massage system which uses three different techniques to provide the great comfort to the user.

If we look at this chair from the prospect of the height and weight of the user, it can fit a person up to 6.5ft and can bear the weight of 320lbs easily. The shoulder area is very wide and supports the width of 24 inches, which is more than enough, the seat is 21 inches wide while the leg extension is of 12 inches. The overall chair dimensions are 48 x 28 x 47 inches which is great. This chair can accommodate bigger people, well it doesn’t really mean it would not accommodate short people well. The Kahuna SM7300 can accommodate a person who is from 5” to 6.5” so, being short is not a problem if you are using this chairs.

The heat therapy also works great. The thermotherapy work great in case of any pain felt by the user and also is good for health.

Kahuna SM7300 is not just the combo of all great features and wonderful design, it is also designed in the manner which doesn’t require a lot of space. If you are worried about the placement, simply put it 3 inches away from the wall, and you can recline it easily. The seat slides forward while reclining which doesn’t require it to be placed much away from the wall. The footrest also helps in this matter because it can be lifted up and wrapped or folded.

Power consumption vise, it only consumes 230W at max while the voltage required for the chair should be between 110-120V. Session timer feature is also available which can be utilized according to the customer need.


Latest SL track tech with 6 rollers
9 auto massage programs
Wide seating
Heat therapy
Less space is required
LCD remote with better user interface
Zero gravity position
Acupressure points on the 6 rollers
Acupressure points detection system for a more pleasant experience
Leg extension coverings which can be either changes or cleaned easily
Air-cell massage technology
Amazing design with high quality stuff
Best features which beat the price


Some massage programs can be rough for your body and to avoid that, you might need to keep a folded cloth or tower or maybe a cushion
Remote resets after every massage

Ideal massage chair – Best Massage Chair #11

ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built in Heat
Ideal massage chair is one of the most ideal and best massage chairs available in the market.

For the price that is being paid, this massage chair is actually best. It has amazing features, and though some features are not the most recent tech, they are still good.

The ideal massage chair uses S track rolling system to massage the body with real humanized massage hands, which give you a feel that you are being massaged by a professional. The massage hands are driven by wheels and are mute. They do not create any unnecessary sound, so you can relax and enjoy your time on the massage chair.

Some parts of the body are massaged by the air bags which use air pressure to massage your body like shoulders, arms and hands. Other parts are massaged by the massage hands and kneading balls like back; which is massaged through the hands, and the feet; that are massaged by the kneading balls. The kneading balls in the foot part are well located and provide great relaxing massage.

Overall, the airbags can be adjusted to two pressure levels. Level two provides more firm squeeze than level one, so if you think level one is not good enough for you, just change it to level two.

For the S track, there are four auto functions that work in an artistic manner and can be adjusted according to the required intensity and speed and all this can be done by simple touch. You can change everything according to your choice by simply pushing a button.

The chair functions can be controlled both automatically and manually. If you choose the automatic mood, the chair will use a mixture of massage programs to massage your all over the body and make you feel relaxed and stress free. By using the manual mode for massage, you have the liberty to choose the program, speed and intensity of your choice.

Massage time can be adjusted which is from 5 minutes to 30 minutes so, if you prefer a long full body massage, you can enjoy it without any interruption.

This ideal massage chair also provides you with truly zero gravity position option so you can enjoy the massage in more relaxed position and feel the stress vanishing from your body.

Heat therapy system is also available in this chair. This function applies heat to your back for pain relief and to loosen your muscles. No matter how tiring your day was, all you have to do is to get in the chair and you can enjoy the most comforting and relaxing massage.

Size vise, this chair is good. It can be used by everyone. For the taller people, foot rest can extend easily, so they don’t have to go through any trouble.

Along with all the great features, the best part of buying this chair is the warranty conditions. From the manufacturer, the warranty of 3 years is provided for the steel frame and 3 years warranty for all the electronic parts and 10 days return policy. These 10days don’t include the days of the delivery but start from the day you receive the product.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this Ideal Massage Chair.


S track rolling system
Message through massage hands, air bags and kneading balls
4 auto massage programs
Massage intensity and speed adjustment options
Heat therapy system
Sturdy and comfortable design
Zero gravity position reclining system
Best massage chair for the money
Perfect for back massager


Short for people who are above 6
Can be noisy for some people
It  misses the shoulder part if you are taller

Real Relax Newest massage chair – #12

2018 Full Body Massage Chair + 3yr Warranty. Electric Zero Gravity, Foot Roller

For the people who are looking for a massage chair that is the most economical, have most of the basic features necessary and is well built and very comfortable, this massage chair by real relax is a good option for them.

This massage chair is sturdy, equipped with all the basic and good features, and most of all, it is economical.

It has 4 auto massage programs that work differently from each other and provide users with a great massage experience.

Like other good massage chair, this one also has heat therapy and the massage heater in the chair is not one but two. One is placed in the foot rest, while the other is placed for the back massage. These heaters help the user to relax the muscles, decrease the tension among muscles and provide comfort from pain. These heaters improve the blood circulation in the body of the user and make it relax.

For back massage, there are eight different massage points in the back rest. These massage points work together for the amazing user experience.

Apart from these 8 massage points, there are 50 air bags which are placed all over the seat and massage different parts of the body including shoulders, back, legs and arms. These air bags use the squeeze function, which applies pressure gently on the body and releases it. With the squeeze function, another massage method that is used in this chair is vibrations. This vibrations massage is also very good and helps to release muscle tension and provides extreme comfort that you desire.

In size, this chair is moderate. Not too small that it would be hard for anyone to sit in, and not too wide or large that it would be too wide and cause problems during the massage. For those who are taller than others, this massage chair has the option to extend the footrest, so they can adjust properly.

Along with all these features, this massage chair by real relax provides the zero gravity feature. The user has complete control of that position and can adjust according to his choice. This zero gravity position is most suitable to enjoy the massage at its best.

Remote control can also be used for easy user control.

Another good feature that is not actually related to massage but is there for the user comfort and relaxation is built in music player that can be used via Bluetooth connection or the USB option.

If we compare all these features with the price, this chair is certainly the best. The only reason behind manufacturing this massage chair is to provide the comfort to users who either can’t afford those too expensive models or have other priorities than buying an expensive massage chair.


Provides the best foot massage through massage rollers
4 auto massage programs
Very comfortable padding
Beautiful design
Heater in the foot and back area for heat therapy
Built in music player and a USB port
Zero gravity position
8 massage points included in the back of the chair
50 air bags all around the chair for a full body massage
Features that are provided in the chair are much more than the price that is being paid
Extended foot rest for taller people
Available with 3 years warranty


Taller people can enjoy the back massage, but the leg massage can be a problem for them
Requires assembly but the process guide is available for users in form of a YouTube video.
The calf massagers require adjustment because it can be hard and painful for some people

Shiatsu massage chair – Best Massage Chair #13

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat and Long rail
Is your choice a chair that is with more upgraded and decent functions, beautiful design and most importantly available at a price that is affordable and economical?

If your answer is yes, then give it a go.

This shiatsu massage chair is one of the most amazing options you will find in the market.

With the L track rolling system that uses four massage rollers, this chair provides the best comfort that one can desire.

This L-shape frame actually adjusts the body in a way that the user can benefit the most from the massage rollers and their effect is not mislead or on any wrong part.

It is built with features like zero gravity position or Zero G with the push of a single button, extended foot rests, airbags massaging system, space saving system, massage rollers, heat therapy or heating system and a Bluetooth enabled speaker.

As you know, the zero gravity position or zero G is the best position to have a massage. If you want to enjoy the massage at full, this position will allow you to do so, and this chair has it. To change the reclining position to zero gravity position, you need to push the button available on the chair and you can control all the reclining movements.

Extended footrest is specifically made for the people who are taller. As they can face problems with adjustments on the seat, extended foot rest allows them to have more comfortable seating option.

This chair has the air bag massage system which is used for shoulders, arms and some other parts. These airbags exert pressure on the body parts and allow you to feel relaxed and relieve all the stress. The arms of the chair and the user interlock with the massage chair’s back and allow the user to enjoy the full body massage. Air pressure used in these air bags can be adjusted according to the three levels. If you ever think that the pressure you have been using is not the right one for you, you can adjust it to the level that suits you best.

The foot massage is provided using the massage rollers. These massage rollers work on the sole of the foot and increase the blood circulation in that area. As a result, the user feels more relaxed.

Heat therapy is a viable option if you are experiencing any back pains. It also increases the blood circulation in the body and loosens the muscles. This overall experience feels like some kind of weight has been lifted from your body and you feel much more light and active.

To boost your massage experience, Bluetooth enabled speakers have been provided in this shiatsu massage chair. You can listen to relaxing music while having the massage and make the activity more fun after a tiring day.

This massage chair is also a space saver. Its reclining feature when activated, slides the seat forward instead of reclining just the back while the seat is still. This makes it easier for the people as they can place the chair anywhere in their house without stressing about the space.

An amazing feature that this massage chair has and which is mostly available in the most expensive chairs, is the body detection system. This intelligent body detection system scans your body and adjusts the massage rollers as per the body shape. This roller adjustment makes the massage more beneficial as they are moved to the positions where they can have the most effect on your body.


  • Body detection system
  • Heat massage or heat therapy
  • Rollers for foot massage
  • L shape or L track rolling system
  • Zero G position
  • Bluetooth enabled speakers
  • Foot rest can be extended
  • Space saver
  • Beautiful design and very comfortable


  • Roller can be harsh sometimes, so you might need some extra padding or cushion
  • Makes noise
  • For taller people, it doesn’t cover the shoulder area very well
  • Assembly is required

Final Recommendation

These 8 chairs are undoubtedly the best massage chairs available on the market.

Be certain that you look at different types of chairs based on the control and massage features that they have to offer.

Look at how well they are designed for your massage requirements and be certain you find a choice that fits well with your demands for relaxing.

All chairs are made with good layouts that are easy for you to add and use well enough.

Out of all 8, The Kahuna LM6800 is the best massage chair in our recommendation.

This is an attractive model that offers a comfortable setup and excellent reclining body.

The strong roller massage system offers coverage around your body.

The three zero gravity positions improve upon how your heart functions while reclining.

The air cell massage system also provides you with a better massage all around your entire body.

Those looking for a more affordable option could use the Best Massage ec-06c and ReAct Shiatsu massage chairs. Available for less than a thousand dollars, both chairs can be considered the best massage chairs in their price range.

The ec-06c has a distinct control panel that is easy to use. The compression and percussion support for the ec-06c offers a comfortable design.

The ReAct Shiatsu is also a popular model available under the $1,000 mark with the best possible aesthetics you can get in a massage chair.


Are massage chairs good for health?

If we look at it from the medical perspective, I would say the answer is yes because there are many benefits of using the massage chairs which include;

  • The massage chairs help to improve the blood circulation in your body
  • These chairs help you to fight the blood pressure problems.
  • In case you are having chronic back pains, massage chairs can also you to get rid of these.
  • If there is also a heating system in the chair, it can improve your metabolism and also reduce the muscle tension
  • Using the massage chairs also decreases stress in your body.
  • A massage chair also helps to align your spine and improve your posture

Apart from these medical facts, you get something that is surely unbeatable and that is the comfort and joy. After having a good massage, you feel more relaxed and comfortable and your stress level decreases. No matter how tiring your day was, a good massage can take all the pain and stress away.

But the thing to be careful about is, the chair you are going to buy better be a good one. It is because some chairs that are not sturdy and do not allow to control the massage pressures and speed might be too harsh for your body and instead of decreasing the pain and suffering, they can add some more to it.

How much does a good massage chair cost?

The cost of a good massage chair depends on your definition of good. A good massage chair is surely the one that fulfills all of your requirements and provides you with the level of comfort that you desire whether it is very advanced or a massage chair with some simple features.

The most important thing that is to consider before thinking about the price is what kind of massage chair do you want and what are the features that are required by you. If you are looking for a massage chair that is good but not too fancy, and is not very pricey either, you can find it below thousand dollars. These chairs although won’t have the most advanced features, but would surely fulfill all the basic requirements of a massage chair along with having some good features.

But if you are looking for a massage chair that is on a moderate level- which has all the good features and is very comfortable, but not with a lot of options and choices, it can cost you from $ 1000 to $ 2000. These chairs would have great features like S track, L track, auto massage programs, zero gravity position and many more.

The massage chairs that are considered best and are on the high end include the most advanced features like SL-track system, more than 4 auto massage programs, manual massage techniques to target any specific area of the body, heat therapy, Foot massage rollers, rollers for back massage and hip massage, shiatsu, kneading, knocking and many more. The cost of these chairs can be easily above $ 2000.

What is a zero gravity massage chair?

A massage chair with zero gravity position is the one which reclines you backwards and raises your feet to the level of your heart. When your feet are above the level of your heart, this position divides the weight of the user and the pressure on the body equally to every part and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. What you actually feel seems like you are weightless because the pressure on your body is minimum.

Senior citizens and people who have bone and limp issues, this position tries to relieve the pain from their body. When the massage chair works on the user body in this position, the effect of the massage increases automatically. As a result, you get relieve from all those back pains and your health starts to improve.

Another important benefit of using the massage chairs with zero gravity or as some people call it Zero G is the improved blood circulation in the body and those limps that are weak due to increasing age or some other issue. When the blood reaches to those bones and limps properly, they automatically start improving.

In short, if you want your massage chair to provide you with more benefits and improve your health, better go for the one that has a Zero G position included.

There are some chairs in the market that provide you with more than one zero G options or zero G features, so surely you should choose them if you can afford them.

How heavy is a massage chair?

Weight of the massage chair is not something that is static but it is something that is different for every model and every design. Usually the weight of the massage chair depends on many factors like the material being used, padding of the massage chair, the functions that are being provided, amount of the air bags, amount and quality of the rollers and many more.

All these things when merged, determine the weight of the massage chair.

On average, a normal massage chair that can be said as on average level of everything can weigh between 130 to 190 or 200 pounds. There are some lighter versions of the massage chairs that only weigh up to 100 pounds. Most of the massage chairs that are of the good quality, weigh more than 150 pounds because of all the stuff and the options available.

Another important aspect in this weight estimation can be the design of the chair. Some massage chairs have good features but do not weigh much because of the lighter design of the chair. These chairs don’t have a huge base and thus weight less than most of the models. But majority of the best massage chair designs that are equipped with best features do weight above 150 pound.

How often you should use the massage chair?

The frequency of using the massage chair depends on the condition and situation of the user. Although the massage chairs have therapeutic effects, but excess of anything is bad and we do believe in that.

If you have any issues like back pain, shoulders pain or any other, we would recommend you to use the massage chairs 3 to 4 times a week. If your reason for using the massage chair is to get relief from stress and anxiety issues, you should use the massage chair 1 to 3 times a week or whenever you think the stress is getting too much and difficult to handle.

You can use the massage chairs more frequently. There won’t be any serious harm in it but you might feel your body soar after being massaged every day. So we would definitely not recommend you to do that to yourself.

The purpose of using a massage chair is to get benefit from it, not getting yourself in trouble and feeling dull and soar.

You want to use the massage chair, go for it. Just don’t overuse it.

If you want to have regular sessions just for the sake of relaxation and don’t have any chronic back pains or serious issues, cut the session timings short and decrease the pressure levels, so you can just relax and enjoy the sensation of the massage.

What are muscle knots and what causes knots in your muscles?

A muscle knot is that lumpy and hard feeling on the muscle area which occurs because the muscle fibers sometimes stick into each other, get attached and form something like a bond. This actually feels very painful and disturbing and you face troubles whenever you try to use that muscle. The pain is because when we try to use that muscle, due to tension and stress in the muscles, the fibers and muscle tissues start tearing apart.

Although it doesn’t feel like a severe problem, it can be very dangerous for your body.

The common causes for muscle knots include injuries to the muscles, a lot of repetitive movements which can harm the muscle, stress and tension, sitting in the same position for a long time – like when we use our laptops for hours or lay down in the bed for long times in the same position, poor body posture, unhealthy diet and/or dehydration of muscles.

Is it normal to be sore after a deep tissue massage?

Yes it is completely normal to be sore after a deep tissue massage and there is nothing alarming about it.

The reason behind that is, the deep tissue massage stretches your muscles and manipulates them during the session. Although it increases blood flow and provides other benefits, but it acts as your muscles have been through a very tough workout.

So, due to that, the very next day your muscles become sore and you feel like you are too tired and don’t have the energy to do anything else. That is completely alright and happens after a deep tissue massage, so there is nothing to be worried about.

If you start feeling feel more pain than usual in the muscles area and you think it is something alarming for example; your skin in not just tender to touch but there is severe pain in your muscle fiber, that is something for which you should consult your massage therapist. Otherwise, you are good to go and there is nothing to be stressful about.

Can a massage chair hurt your back?

The very simple answer to this question is maybe, because it depends.

From this answer, you might be thinking that the very reason for using the massage chair is to get a relief from stress and pain, and make yourself comfortable and relaxed!

But if the massage chairs hurt your back, why should you even use them?

The answer to this is because it is not the massage chair that increases or causes back pain, it actually depends on your physical condition at that moment.

For the back pain, a massage chair provides you a good massage and align your spine which relieves you from back pain and stress, but if the pain in your body is caused by damage to your disks or vertebrae, the massage chair cannot heal it, but it might further damage your spine.

So, before using a massage chair, you should consult your physical therapist or the doctor to see the reason behind your back pain. If the reason is the one that related to disks or spinal injury, do not use the massage chair because you are only going to hurt yourself.

There are some bad models in the market in which the massage intensity and pressure is so high that the massage rollers might start stinging to your back, so do not go for those models too.

Your health is way more important than anything else so, instead of buying those cheaper models, spend some time to search for the ones that are suitable for you and buy them.

How long does a massage chair last?

An average massage chair’s life span is more than one year but surely depends on the quality that you are buying. Massage chairs that cost more than 2 to 3 thousand dollars usually last longer than the average massage chairs. Their life span can be around 3 years and if you go for more expensive models, they might last longer than 3 years.

One thing that is to consider in this is the usage of the chair. If you take good care of your massage chair and your usage is frequency is good, your massage chair will surely last longer.

An important tip for all the buyers is; when you buy the massage chair, for the first month or two, don’t use it too much and let the motors start running properly and other functions to come in working condition. After that, you can use it however you want.