Top 5 Wall Hugger Recliners for Small Spaces

When you hear the word chair, the first thing that pops in your mind is how comfortable is it when you get to sit in it. The chairs have evolved with the pace of time. Technological advancement has taken over. With this, reclining chairs have come into being.

Wall hugger recliners are comfortable chairs that can be pressed directly up above the wall. This design uses minimum space, and it is best for people looking for chairs or couches to set in their small spaces.


Different brands are offering wall hugger recliners with several features fastened with them. The list of the five best wall hugger recliners for small spaces.

1) Domesis Renu Leather Wall Hugger

demosis renu wall hugger recliner for small spaces

This power lift chair recliner is a chair that can provide you ease and comfort in a space-saving way. This chair needs only 4 inches clearance from the wall and uses minimal floor space to recline or lift. 

It has two easy up and down remote buttons, which help to recline and to turn it back. You can press the down button until your desired comfort level has reached. The electric lift feature adds on asses with the siting and getting up when you have mobility issues.

It offers a variety of colors for you to choose the one that best suits you. The colors are black, brown, burgundy red, brown renu leather, and cream renu leather. This fully padded chair has high-density foam and the right quantity of cushion in the seat, back, and footrest that doesn’t deform and will comfort you for a very long time.

The fabric used is leather and is one of the most comfortable and breathable that you can use in all weather. Moreover, cleaning is easy. This new Chair by Domesis will be your favorite lounge spot to either relax or watch your favorite Tv shows.

It is a laminated hardwood steel frame chair that can bear a weight of 300lbs. The dimensions are (33″ L x 30″ W x 28.75″ H). It is designed to take no more than ten minutes to assemble.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Get a full leather product at a reasonable price 


  • Has a few reclining positions

2) Rec Pro Wall Hugger Recliner

Rec Pro Wall Hugger Recliner for small spaces

If you are willing to buy a multifunctional chair that you can use to sit and relax with minimum usage of space, Rec Pro wall hugger recliner chair is an excellent option to go for. 

The chair is available in oatmeal color and has a slide-out function. Super soft fabric and the modern design goes with nearly all interior or decors. It includes a button to move up or down. You can have the best of your time with this recliner in your small space.

The overall dimension of the chair is (30″w x 37-1/2″d x 39″H) and seat Dimension is (22.5″ deep x 19″). The weight of the product is 88 pounds. There are two reclining positions. The first wide reclining position has a depth of 55.5, while the full reclining position has a depth of 62.5. 

If you are planning for a comfortable chair, go for the rec pro to have ease and convenience in your life. It has quality assured with a good standard of living. 


  • Comfortable and relaxing chair 
  • Easy to use 
  • Sturdy built quality


  • Assembling might be a hassle 

Tyler Wall Hugger Storage Arm Chair

Tyle Wall Hugger Recliner for small spaces

Tyler recliner is the best chair with all the necessary features and is the most suitable choice for small spaces. This chair has a length of 33.5 cm, width 37 cm, and a height of 39 cm. This chair only needs 4 inches of clearance from the wall to recline and uses less floor space. 

It is made of durable stain-resistant, 100% polyester microfiber. Also, It includes a storage area and a cup holder that is built in each armrest to keep your phone, keys, or any extra things easily. It has three colors, which are black, brown and red. All these three colors pull an elegant look that can easily match your room’s interior.

This chair is very comfortable to sit, watching television for hours or use it as your work station. It has a micro-texture upholstery and a soft sponge filled inside. It will help to enhance the look of your room, whether you keep it in a small lounge or at your bedside. 

 This chair provides the facility to drag the foot part down and chair back right so that you can use it when you are exhausted. This might turn out to be your new favorite spot at your place to chill and have the best of your time. 


  • Has a very soft feel
  • Cup Holders on both armrests 


  • A bit tricky to assemble

4) Lifestyle Wall Hugger Recliner for Small Spaces

Lifestyle wall hugger recliner for small spaces

The lifestyle recliner is an electric recliner, with the smooth and quiet reclining function you can recline to your favorite position without the effort of pushing it back. It has a soft, durable fabric that is family-friendly and very easy to clean with the help of a dry cloth.

The wall-saver mechanism would let you place this recliner close to a wall or a window. It has a spacious seat that has a depth of 21 inches, and the overall dimensions of this recliner chair are( 39×40.5×40) inches. This chair weighs 77 pounds.

It is relaxing and comfortable to sit, mainly designed to relax your body after getting tired of working all day long. It is elegantly made with plush fabric and soft cushioning on the seat, back, and armrests. Smooth lines on the fabric material give it a clean and casual look. The heavy-duty metal frame gives it enough sturdiness to hold bulky people.

The power recliner also provides the facility of a USB charging port integrated into a switch so that you can quickly charge your phone if you aren’t sitting close to a power plug. It has a cream-colored mat finish that easily blends with any furniture.  


  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Provide a facility of the USB charging port
  • Wall saver and lay-flat mechanism


  • The metal reclining function might need frequent maintenance.

Esright Massage Wall Hugger Swivel Recliner

Esright Massage Wall Hugger recliner for small spaces

Esright massage recliner is a wall hugger recliner with a lot of extra features added to it. You can opt for this if you are looking for something to relax your body and get rid of muscle fatigue after a monotonous working day. 

This recliner chair has a vast place to sit in and yet occupies very minimal space. It is made up of soft PU leather and has a supportive back and padded arm and headrests to relax your body. This chair has a length of 72 cm, and the dimensions of the seat are 22.8″ (W) x 20.5″ (D) x 18.9″ (H). It has a capacity of 300 lbs.

The Esright massage recliner has multiple massage functions controlled with a remote. It consists of 8 vibrating massage nodes to give massage on your back, thigh, lumbar, and legs. And two vibration intensities. It has a facility of heating the lumbar region of your body as it is good for the blood circulation. This chair is straightforward to control and is the best choice to make among all the massage chairs.

It consists of two side pockets on both armrests and two on sides to hold hand-carry things. It has a swivel seat, up to 360 degrees. This chair is water-resistant and is very easy to clean. Assembling this space-saving chair is not difficult at all. You can assemble it manually within a few minutes. 


  • Four storage pockets
  • Easy to control by the help of remote
  • Cup holders
  • Various massaging nodes


  • Might not fit in tiny space if you want to use swivel option

Modernization is essential. It is vital to move along with changing fashions and trends. Things are more accessible and convenient for all of you to use. These wall hugger chairs that can be placed in smaller spaces and give you a great feeling. 

Moreover, it has several different facilities offered by various brands. You should choose the one wisely, and invest money into the best one. The reclining facility adds on to these chairs and makes them a luxury item that is available in good prices.