10 Best Trundle Beds for Adults

Trundle bed? What are they?

Simply put. They’re your the best solution to limited space.


A trundle bed is a single bed that has another bed fixed just beneath it. When you pull the bed beneath it. And attach them both together. You have got yourself a king-sized bed!

So you no longer have to worry about your friends or family staying over.

Here is a list of the top trundle beds for adults you can get your hand on.

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Best Trundle Beds for Adults

1) Atlantic Furniture Trundle Bed

trundle beds for adults

Atlantic Furniture has some of the best trundle beds. It offers a twin/full-size urban trundle bed that can help you and your guests.

The sliding trundle bed is 8′ in length which is enough for any adult guest you might expect.

This trundle bed is made up of solid hardwood with a durable, non-toxic finish. The flat panel footboard enhances the class and provides it with a chic, trendy look for your home. The slat kit supports the trundle and would not need any foundation underneath. The item weighs 93 pounds. 

It is available in 5 different colors for you to choose from. The colors are white, walnut, espresso, caramel, and grey. This wide range of colors is a treat for someone looking for a trundle bed that complements the rest of the interior.

This bed, with asymmetrical design and the tucked trundle which befits the twin and the full models, is the perfect bed you can have in your room. Atlantic Furniture leads you to simple and comfortable living, with style at an affordable price. It offers the product that is worth the money you pay for. 


  • Ease and convenience 
  • Good quality solid hardwood


  • Doesn’t have mattresses along
  • Assembling can be a hassle

2) REAL ROOMS Trundle Bed for Adults

trundle beds for adults

While looking for a trundle bed, the best one would be that entertains adults, and especially your guests. You cannot have a better option than Realroom’s bed with trundle. Being a brand that offers quality furniture and caters your needs, Realrooms has one of the great options for a trundle bed that best fits your house. 

It accommodates two-bed sizes. One can have a twin mattress, and the trundle can have a full-size mattress. However, the mattresses are sold separately. The multiples colors it has will complement any interior coordination. A great way to have additional sleeping space in a space-saving manner. 

You can place this bed in your guest room or your children’s bedroom. Not only for the kids, but it is best for adults too. It has a sturdy metal frame with rounded edges and geometrical patterns that pops a chic modern look in your bedroom or the sitting space. 

The daybed can hold a weight of 450lbs and the trundle 250lbs. The dimensions of the daybed are (77 L× 56 W× 41 H) and trundle (71L x 40.5W x 4H). And has a gross weight of 84 LBS.


  • Easy to set up
  • Saves space and is multifunctional


  • It comes in several boxes. You might have to weight for any missing part. 

3) Furniture of America Trundel Bed

trundle beds for adults

If you have minimum space in your house and cannot keep two beds, a trundle bed is an excellent workaround. Furniture of America offers you the’ Modal Daybed ‘with trundle in dark cherry finish. You can use this for adults, where it be your guests or your family members.

The daybed has a solid wooden frame and wavy contoured side frames. It has a clean and structured back so that you can place it in any corner of your room. The trundle has a slat kit and wheels attached for easy mobility. Also, this makes easy access to the trundle twin bed. You can use it whenever you want by merely pulling the trundle out. 

Assembling it all would require two persons and can be done by following the easy instruction manual. The item has a total weight of 100 pounds, and the dimensions are (79.1 x 41.4 x 23.2) inches.

Live with convenience and have a comfortable life. Embrace the simplicity of lounging with the Modal daybed by Furniture of America.


  • Fits in a small room
  • Easy assembling 
  • Assured quality


  • The trundle opens from one side, only
  • No colors to chose from

4) Max & Lily Trundel Bed for Adults

trundle beds for adults

Max&Lily has the trundle bed in a range of colors to chose from. These include grey, white, blue, clay, espresso, and natural. It is made up of solid New Zealand Pinewood, non-toxic, low VOC finish. An excellent choice to change your interior with a modern touch. It provides a quality finish of the bed. 

The overall product weight is 84 pounds. This trundle bed is a space-saving bed that measures around (80 x 43 x 37) inches. The bed has a 30 inches tall headboard and a solid footboard to give a sturdy feel. It can carry the weight of a toddler to an adult of 400 LBS. 

Metal on metal structural connections would not loosen over time. This means that the product is durable and can-do wonders to your room. The colors have matching hardware attached, which helps pulling over a clean-finish look.

The trundle can be pulled out with a slide-out. The trundle face overlaps the bed rails to protect sliding under the bed. It accommodates a standard mattress size that is 8 inches thick. Slats that come along, making it easy to assemble and put it all into a bed. 

Max& Lily have been serving for ten years with quality furniture and assure the durability of the product. They try catering to your needs and provide maximum satisfaction with the different kinds of furniture. 


  • Wide range of colors
  • Great quality that offers the durability of the product


  • The screw holes are of low quality

5) Lubin Daybed and Trundle

trundle beds for adults

DHP Rubin is a well-known brand that provides you with versatile furniture and adds to the aesthetic beauty of your place. If you are looking for a good quality trundle bed, DHP is an excellent choice to make. 

Rubin daybed and trundle, twin size bed, is available in black finish. It has a space-saving functionality, you can use it as a daybed or a trundle bed. 

The product has a dimension of (41.5 x 77.5 x 43) inches and an overall weight of 64 pounds. The trundle can be rolled out and used as another place to sleep. Thus, It is best for visitors or guests showing up and your adult kids. 

It has a black metal frame with the crisscross design of circular medallion that proves it is one of the modern and stylish kinds of the trundle beds. This bed has the finest quality material and lasts for a longer period. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Trundle that requires less space


  • The quality is not as posh as mentioned

6) Max & Lilly Trundle Bed

The Max & Lilly trundle bed is a lovely addition you can make in your home.

The best thing about this bed is that it is available in many amazing colors that complement every house type. From simple white to natural wood textures. You’d find enough color options in this bed to match your taste.

The bed frame is a combination of pine wood and metal support bars. The bed is heavy duty enough to accomodate users up to 400 lbs.

The day bed dimensions of this bed are: 81.5 x 43 x 37 in. (LxWxH) 

The trundle bed fits in a regular twin sized mattress of up to 8 inches.




  1. Made with solid wood
  2. Weight capacity of 400 lbs
  3. lots of color choices


  1. none

7) Hillsdale Furniture Trundle Bed

This trundle bed from Hillsdale Furniture is kind of a unique option in this list. First of all, it looks more like a sofa rather than a bed. Which is a unique aspect of its design,

Secondly, it is an upholstered daybed which gives it the elegant and comfy look. Both the daybed and trundle accomodate a standard twin size mattress.

The dimensions of the day bed are: 42.5D x 82.5L x 37H

The dimensions of the trundle bed are: x 42.5D x 82.5L x 37H

You can use a standard 6 1/2″ of mattress with the trundle bed. Which would fit right under the day bed when the trundle is not in use.

The seller ships this bed split into many different boxes. Which could be a little hectic to assemble on your own.


  1. Twin


  1. Upholstered fabric
  2. A unique design


  1. None

8) Poundex Bed with Trundle

The Poundex Trundle bed is made up of solid hardwood to provide the kind of sturdy foundation anyone expects from a bed.

The hardwood structure is covered with Faux leather that gives it a premium look.

The size of both the beds are twins.




  1. Hardwood frame
  2. Faux Leather cover


  1. None

9) Atlantic Furniture Trundle Bed

Atlantic furniture has been long well known brand for its quality furniture.

The hardwood frame entails a non-toxic and classy finish. Which is one iconic features of Atlantic Furniture.

The trundle provided can be used on either side of the bed. And can accomodate a twin sized mattress of 8 inches.

The day bed though, supports a full size mattress. Which provides more space for a one person sleeper.

The mattresses are supported by hardwood plat kits. And do not need any foundation.




  1. Hardwood Frame
  2. Great quality finish


  1. None

10) Zinus Suzanne Twin Trundle Bed

Do you ever worry about buying furniture that just won’t catch up with the modern vibe of your home?

If that’s you. Then this trundle bed is something you should consider getting.

This stylish bed is made with a steel structure. And can be assembled by anyone without using any tools. Difficult assemblies are what many people fear when ordering any kind of furniture.

Because many times house-owners are novices in dealing with such stuff. And ultimately they have to ask help. And the ones that can’t find any. Try to fix the problem on their own.

And more than often it turns out to be a nightmare.

Both the beds support twin sized mattresses. The trundle bed can accomodate a mattress 6″ in height.

The bed also comes with a 5 years warranty. Which is more than enough to test this product for any manufacturing defaults. And incase, anything goes wrong.

You can simply claim your warranty. And get a replacement or if the thing is irreplaceable you’ll get back your money.


  1. Twin


  1. Stylish Modern Look
  2. 5 Years Warranty


  1. None

All these trundle beds occupy minimum space. You can have two beds in place of one. Choose wisely based on quality, durability, colors, and style you are specifically looking for. 

This all would sum up to make your room look better and brighter. Enlighten your small rooms with the best trundle beds for adults. You can have a multifunctional facility with several different features included. Mesmerize your home with the best and Invest in something worth the money. 

Best Pop Up Trundle Beds for Adults

What are PoPup Trundle Beds?

Trundle beds can be classified into two different types. The first ones are the usual trundles.

The others, although serve the same functionality are a little bit different. The main difference lies in the height of the second bed that is hidden underneath the main bed.

In normal trundles, when the secondary bed is rolled out. It comes out as a totally separate bed. But it’s frame is lower than that of the main bed.

On the other side, popup trundle beds once rolled out. Share the same height as the main bed. The difference in frame height does not provide any additional functionality.

But is completely an additional option to homeowners who would like both beds at the same level.

1) Amazon Basics Pop Up Trundle Bed

This pop up trundle bed is made by AmazonBasics which if you don’t already know is a child company of Amazon.

The best thing about this popup trundle bed frame is that is is super affordable. And is one the most trending beds on Amazon.

Both the beds provide a vertical clearance of about 13 inches.

The Dimension on this bed are: 80 by 76 by 14 inches (LxWxH)

The durable steel used for the frame ensures that it would last long. The black finishing gives it a simplistic look. Which is adequate for it to blend with most house interiors.

The bed frame is sturdy enough to handle users of up to 250 pounds.

This popup trundle bed is available in all 6 sizes. So you can grab whichever one fits your your requirements.


  • Twin
  • Twin x-Large
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King


  1. Super Affordable
  2. Sturdy Metal Frame
  3. No tools required for assembly
  4. Available in 6 sizes



2) Kings Brand Pop Up Trundle Bed

This here is another sleek and simple pop up trundle bed frame made of steel.

The shipment comes in 3 boxes. 2 of them are for the main bed. While the third one is for the trundle bed (already assembled).

The dimensions of the daybed are: Daybed: 77″W x 41″D 18″H

Dimensions of the trundle: 73″W x 39″D x 17″H

This trundle bed frame is a little bit on the pricier side. So people on a budget might want to consider another option.

On the down sides, a couple of verified purchases on amazon indicated that there is a 1-1.5 inch height difference between these 2 beds. Which is not an issue if you’ll be using this bed separately for two persons.

But if you’re planning on using this pop up trundle as .a king size bed. You might be disappointed. Since the little difference in height can prove uncomfortable.

There are also not many options available when it comes to sizes. The frame is only available in twin size.




  1. Simple Design
  2. Steel Frame


  1. Height difference between beds
  2. lack of sizes

3) Montana WoodWorks Pop Up Trundle Bed

This piece of art is for people who appreciate hand-crafted furniture in their house. It is crafted with wood lodge pole pine in USA by Montana works.

Now a word of warning, this thing is one of the most expensive beds on this list.

The bed dimensions are (LxWxH): 87 x 46 x 48 in

The trundle bed beneath can accomodate a 7″ mattress when hidden underneath the bed.

The frame size on this thing can accomodate two twin size mattresses. When both beds are used.

Although, the main bed has most of the frame crafted with wood. The area where you place your mattress is still made with steel. Moreover the trundle bed that comes with it is also made with a steel frame.

This bed is not for everyone. If you prefer wood furniture. Then this can be the a great choice for you. Just make sure it blends in with your room interior well.




  1. Wooden structure


  1. Expensive

4) DreamSolutions Pop Up Trundle Bed

This trundle bed comes from Dream Solutions. It’s a great choice for people who are looking for a complete trundle set with mattresses.

Both beds are in twin sizes.

The bed frame is made from steel for maximum durability.

The dimension of the daybed are: 77” L x 41” W x 17”H

The trundle bed: Trundle : 72″ L x: 39″ W

The mattress provided are pretty standard for the price. They are around 8 inches in height. People that weight more than 200 lbs are not recommended for this mattress. Although, it could be great for kids, teens and occasional guests.

To make this foam even better. You can put a memory foam above it. Which would definitely make it a considerable option for people who suffer from back pain.




1) A complete deal with 2 mattresses

2) Simple assembly


5) Montana Wood Works Pop Up Trundle Bed

This trundle bed is the second product from Montana Wood Works in our list. And this is yet another great option for people who enjoy having wood furniture.

This pop up trundle bed gives a nice wood finish to the whole bed. Great for places that already have wooden interior or for people who want to add a classy look to their bedrooms.

Both the beds are twin in sizes and can be used a king bed combined.

One of the greatest perks of buying hand crafted beds from Montana Woodworks is their extended warranty. The company backs up their products with a 20 year limited time warranty.

Which is the longest in the warranty period in the industry.

Both the beds are twin sized.

The trundle beneath can accomodate a standard 7″ inch mattress. When the trundle is hidden beneath the day bed.




  1. Wooden Structure
  2. 20 years warranty


  1. Expensive

Trundle Beds Buying Guide

Buying a bed when you don’t have any previous experience buying one can be a hectic task. No matter how many review guides you read. Or products you scroll through. It still is not an easy decision to make if you don’t know what guidelines to follow.

Below are some tips and guidelines for you to pick the best trundle bed available for you.

Know Your Style:

Trundle beds come in two basic styles. One is a simple trundle while the other one is a pop up trundle.

A simple trundle bed looks something like this when both beds are used.

And this is how a pop up trundle looks like when both beds are used.

As you can see, the main difference between these two is the height the trundle bed achieves after it is folded out.

If you’d like to use your trundle bed as a king sized bed. Able to accomodate up to 2 sleepers. A pop up trundle bed should be something you should spend your money on,

Otherwise, if you’re planning to use both beds individually or your just like the height difference between the two beds. Buying a simple trundle bed can be the perfect option for you.

Bed Sizes

One of the most confusing aspects of buying a bed frame or even a mattress is knowing what size would be best to accomodate your needs.

Now if this is where you belong. Don’t be sad. Because it happens with a lot of customers. And it makes complete sense when there are about 7 sizes to choose from. So here is a description of what you’ll get when you select a specific size.

  • Twin: 38″ x 75″, For One Person
  • XL Twin: 38″ x 80″, For One Person
  • Full: 53″ x75″, For One Person or Two
  • Queen: 60″ x 80″, For Two Persons
  • King: 76″ x 80″, For Two Persons
  • California King: 72″ x 84″, For Two Persons.

And to give you a better idea here is video explaining all confusions about mattress and bed sizes.

Choose the Right Material

The material of your bed matters a lot. It determines how sturdy and long lasting a bed is going to be and if it would compliment the rest of your house.

There are mainly 3 kinds of materials currently used in beds:


Wood is by far the most used material used when it comes to beds worldwide. The perks of choosing wooden beds is that wood can literally be painted in any color of your choice. From clean headlines to curved headboards. Wood has the ability to transform itself into something that you desire.


Metal is one of the. most durable and sturdy material that can make your bed last long. These kinds of beds are best suited for modern houses and industrial spaces. Plus, they can also be painted with any color of your choice.

Upholstery Fabric:

Even though these beds are still crafted with steel or wooden frames. They are covered with soft fabric for a comfortable feel.

Check Customer Reviews

I know it sounds like a cliche. But many people don’t bother checking customers opinions about the product. And rather just rely on the average ratings of a product. Which is a terrible way to go forward with a purchase.

Because chances are there might be something that the majority of the customers don’t find to be troubling. But it might be a deal beaker for you. So to make sure that you’re not disappointed after a purchase.

Do read the 1 and 2 star reviews. Because that is generally where the golden flaws about a product are hidden.

Buy only From Trusted Stores

If you’re shopping online for beds chances are you already would have seen a crap load of websites where you can buy a trundle bed. But buying from a randomly selected site is not really a great idea.

Do a quick background check on the brand. Try to figure out what’s the presense of that brand online. And what are their previous customers saying about their product

One surefire way, to avoid this. Is to shop from well known ecom brands like Amazon, Wallmart or Ebay. These websites provide you relevant and accurate information about the products. As well as thorough customer reviews from verified purchases.

And in case, anything goes wrong with the product. You are always covered by the marketplace security these big brands provide for their shoppers.

Go For Longer Warranty Periods

Warranties are one way of ensuring your money won’t go into waste. Even if the company you’re buying from has a high reputation of quality products. You should still go with the one that has a good warranty duration.

Because even the most finest of companies do deal with production errors. And many times these kinds mishaps can cost you a lot of money for repairs.

Getting a good warranty policy ensures that in case of any such mishaps your bed and money is secured. And you won’t have to go look for another bed shortly after.