Student desks for bedroom

Studies are a major part of students life and require a study environment that is ideal for them to study uninterrupted. Thus, student desks are one of the essentials that a student should have. They help students to improve their level of concentration and sit for long hours in the right posture.

Study desks themselves provide the atmosphere that makes the student attentive, works comfortably be organised. Having a student desk in your bedroom allows you to study without looking for libraries far from home. 


You can study whenever you want 24/7 without the issue of keeping in mind the opening time of libraries. You can sit peacefully on your desk and pay attention to your work. Here we provide you top 5 student desks that would be perfect for your bedroom.

1) Nathan James Home Student Desk

This kalos desk has two open storage compartment, and it is of high-quality wood. The X-molded base is worked from sturdy pine wood with a stretcher for included steadiness. It takes about 15 minutes to assemble the desk completely. The desk is available in many colours and would match your room perfectly if you prefer sophistication and style at the same time. 

The desk weighs 4.67 pounds, and the product size is 40.2 x 18.9 x 30.3 inches. This desk allows you to store your supplies easily in the two storage compartments. You can store your books or your laptop, making it easier to take it out while studying from the same place. 

The material is perfect for using every day since the quality of the wood allows the desk to stay water-resistant and scratch-resistant. The furniture pads included below the desk also will enable no damage to your bedroom floors. This is an excellent desk to use for studying at home. 


  • Are anti-scratch and water-resistant
  • No damage to floors 


  • Only comes in the white colour
  • Quality control

2) Mainstays Student Desk For Bedroom

This desk uses very little space in your room. The table is L shaped and includes two open and one closed compartment for storing your study material, laptop, etc. Your desk stays clutter-free because of the arrangement of cubbies.

This is an excellent product for your room as you will be able to study quietly and store your material at the same place. This desk brings comfortability while studying as; students don’t have to run to find notes anywhere else in the room, you can find things in one place from where it would be easier for students to work and use the material.

As the L-desk allows for maximum use of space in your room, made of laminated particleboard, and black oak wood grain provides the finishes to the product. Mainstays’ desk gives a classy black look and also at a very reasonable price. It would take the minimum space in your bedroom and would allow you to store your study material efficiently. The product has the capacity of holding 100 lbs and has a size of 57.75” Height, 47.44” Weight, 49.13” Depth. You will have to assemble it yourself after it is delivered.


  • Provides an elegant look to your room while taking the minimum space.
  • Perfect for storing your study material


  • Comes in black colour only
  • No assurance of it is resistant to scratches 

3) Kid Kraft Study Desk with Chair White

KidKraft’s study desk is structured smartly with two deep cabins and one single drawer. It is the most suitable desk for kids of 3 to 8 years old. The cabins have ample space inside, that would allow kids to store all their study material easily in one place. They can even keep their art material inside these drawers.

 These young kids cannot only study on this desk, but they can also do some art as well. The kids learn uniformity and discipline while using this study desk as they have to sit there correctly positioned. The study table provides kids with a smooth surface for writing without any disturbance. This table might help them improve their writing.

It also contains a cork bulletin board that is ideal for hanging time tables or other small study notes or pictures. The furniture is made of compatible wood and is available in white. The desk weighs 2.2 pounds and is 35.8 x 18.2 x 32 inches. There are three additional spaces of storage on the tabletop which can be used to store notebooks or place pen holders. The flat surface of the table and the white chair with it attract kids to study on it.


  • Comes with a white chair
  • A lot of storage is available for study materials to be stored in one place.


  • Comes in white colour only
  • Not suitable for students of all ages

4) Nathan James Study Desk For Bedroom

Nathan James provides a sturdy desk that is easiest to assemble. The desk is well built on the surface and can hold a 28-inch monitor. It is made up of white manufactured wood, and white pine wood is used to create the legs. It can hold up to 120 Lbs. Study desk also ensures health as it protects the students from backaches as they need to sit correctly while studying.

The table gives your room a modern and sophisticated look. It also has a large storage drawer that can store supplies and your laptop at the same time. The legs of the desk do not damage the floor because of its circular furniture pads. The table comes in white and is great for students who want their rooms to look posh with their new study desk.

They can use this desk if they prefer a style and comfort. The table weighs about 45.1 pounds, and its size is 42.1 x 20.1 x 29.5 inches. Nathan James also ensures that their customers get the right quality product which is why they provide a guarantee with their product. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Ample space for storing laptop or study materials


  • Colour range is limited
  •  Many complain about bad paint on the inside of the drawer

5) Mainstays Student Desk (White)

This desk is very lightweight and can hold a monitor for your comfort. There are two open cubbies with a single closed drawer. There is enough storage provided in this table to keep all your binders, books and other study material at one place. The cubbies can hold up to 10 lbs. Mainstays desk provides a suitable environment for studying at home in peace. 

The product is made up of laminated particleboard and black oak wood grain. It is a very durable desk that takes the minimum space in your bedroom due to its L shaped structure. The desk is available for students of all ages. It comes in the colour white. You will have to assemble it on your own.

Mainstays desktop can hold up to 100 lbs. The size of the product is 57.75” Height x 47.44” Width x 49.13” Depth. This product is ideal if you want the furniture to cover a small space, make you attentive and focused on your studies and have proper storage available for all your study materials.


  • Takes very little space in your bedroom
  • Has the capacity of storing a lot of material
  • The desk is lightweight and durable.


  • Colour range is limited
  • Maybe not resistant to scratches

From the list above, you have a great choice of desks. Select the product according to your need; peaceful studying and pleasant atmosphere. The table also needs to match the theme of the room so that it doesn’t look odd when placed. The desk needs to be of high quality and should be resistant to water and scratch if you have plans of keeping it for a long time. Budget is also a significant factor to keep in mind while buying a study desk. The desk should be good in quality and should take very less space. It should also have proper storage to keep all your study material at the same place. 

Student desks have made it easier for students to study as they no longer need to go to the library to ensure a studying environment. This product is essential in a student’s life. Hence buy the product which would have a lot of storage and good quality. Buy the desk that you feel would boost your concentration.