Top Five Storage Benches for Bedroom

A bedroom is a personal space in all houses. We all want our bedrooms to have admirable and well decorated furniture. Benches/sofas are a great addition to bedrooms to make them more stylish and add an extra place to sit either or to cater to your guests. 

Another thing is the storage problem that might lead you to invest in a cupboard or something that would store your stuff in a synchronized manner. You do not want a messy room. To overcome this problem, we have a solution. 


Why not buy something that gives you the organized storage space you’re looking for. And a comfortable place to sit. I’m talking about: storage benches.

Convinced already?

Here are 5 great storage benches you might want to add in your bedroom.

1) Songmics Storage Ottoman Bench

songmics storage bench for bedroom

The Songmics storage bench is a great choice to make, to add a little furniture to your bedroom that adds space and color to your room. It is available in two different colors, dark grey, and navy blue. These colors would enhance the look of your bedroom. It weighs 12.3 lb, and the product size is (30L×15W×15H). It has a high-static load capacity of 660lb. 

This bench is an eye-catcher with the chesterfield tuft on the seat, which is comfortable and looks great. Moreover, it is a multifunctional bench that is used to store things up to a capacity of 80 liters. You can keep the unnecessary stuff in it that you would not want for daily usage. The extraneous stuff would no longer be visible to the visitors in your house, and your bedroom looks more organized. 

One of the most impressive features is that it has a foldable design. The lower part of the bench can be folded flat and kept under your bed or in the cupboard once when you are not using it. This storage bench requires a little space and can fit anywhere in small or master bedrooms. Talking of the built quality, the seat is made up of breathable linen-like fabric that keeps you sweat-free during summers. You can choose the Songmics bench to deal with all your everyday problems. 


  • Great for space-saving
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Foldable and easy to assemble


  • The chemical smell lasts for long
  • Specified color range

2) Christopher Night Storage Bench

Christopher Night Storage bench for bedroom

All of you might want to add elegance and beauty to your bedrooms with enough storage space. We have a perfect bench for your bedroom. Santa Rosa Ottoman is an excellent Ottoman furniture piece that uses minimum space and works as a storage place too. It is 19.25 inches deep× 50.7 inches wide × 16 inches high. It is available in a single color, light greyish/ white color. 

The bench is spacious and has a total weight of 29.4 pounds. It has a tufted top and pillow-soft cushioning top that makes the seat very comfortable. It requires no assembling and is easy to set. The storage space underneath the seat allows you to keep all your stuff in there. The inner storage space does not interfere in the trendy look that this bench has. If you are willing to add a stylish touch to your bedroom, Santa Rosa Ottoman by Christopher Night Home is a great decision to go for. 


  • Good quality, comfy fabric
  • Storage space available 


  • No colors available

3) Signature Design Bedroom Bench by Ashley

Ashley storage benches for bedroom

If you are fond of the original wood color, we have a great piece of a bench for your bedrooms — signature Design by Ashley hardwood construction, made of veneers with metal accents and hardware. The item has a total weight of 78.3 pounds, and the dimensions are (20.5×54×23.5) inches. It has an interior size of (14.25” x 9” x 45.75”).

The seats are very comfortable, and you might not want to leave it once you sit on it. It has a traditionally elegant touch that your bedroom can have with it. It has a deeply cushioned seat supported by a corner framework. 

This bench gives an old-classical feel, with turned legs outwards. It is preferred for your makeup vanity and can be kept beside your dressings. It definitely will be a treat to sit and get ready on this signature design by Ashley. 

This bench is super easy to assemble and is an excellent purchase for all tastes and budgets. You can be pair it up with different colored cushions, rugs, or accessories.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable to sit


  • Matching things is difficult due to the color it has
  • Might not be a suitable option for smaller rooms

4) Christopher Night Home Storage Bench

Christopher Night Storage Bench for Bedroom

Christopher Night home is a promising brand for furniture. It offers different benches and furnishing items that would complement your bedroom in diverse price ranges. Another bench, the Sheffield Storage Ottoman, is available to set your room with a stylish and modern touch. It is available in colors and styles. It has a weight of 30 pounds, and the dimensions are (50.00D x 20.50W x 18.30H). The inner dimensions of the storage compartment are (44.5L×15W×9H). 

As the Santa Ross Ottoman, this is another bench that offers spacious storage space, especially for board games and controllers or anything delicate. You want to keep them safe, but not to clutter your dressing table or side tables. This storage compartment is an incredible place to keep all your stuff that you may not need every time. This bench helps you keeping the bedroom in a sophisticated manner. 

Moreover, it has a comfortable tufted fabric material seat that offers extra spacing for the additional guests in your room. It has a beige color and birch wood legs that enable you to pull a stylish look for your bedroom that you might be looking for. It requires very minimal assembly, and you can assemble it all in a few minutes.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Extra storage space


  • Might be large for small rooms
  • Selected colors available

5) Pulaski Upholstered Storage Bench

Pulaski Storage bench for bedrooms

Pulaski is a well-known brand offering a wide range of furnishing items for the bedroom, dining area, the sofas, and many others. It promises to give you something that helps you to live with style, every day. 

Pulaski offers a storage bench in 3 different colors; charcoal grey, heathered grey, and oatmeal beige. These unique colors add to the beauty of your room. It weighs 25.1 pounds with the measurement of the exterior bench (41. 5″ L x 15. 75″ W x 18. 5″ H) and Interior (storage area) (37. 5” W x 12”d x 6” H). 

It has a tufted top that creates an ideal storage space with a comfortable sitting area. The material used for the seat is polyester. The seating surface has plush high-density foam, and diamond button tufting for a soft, decent look. The legs of the bench are high tapered, 8 inches high with a wood finishing touch. It has a versatile and luxurious look that you can add to your room. 


  • Storing with style
  • Easy to assemble


  • Price may be higher than the competitors 

Discussing all the benches that have storage space available, it can be said that you should invest in something like a bench that offers both; storing capacity and comfortable to sit. They must be durable enough to last for a more extended period. You should choose wisely, seeing the fabric and comfort level.

The price should be standard or worth the product you are buying. Select that one that best fits your bedroom space and provides extra space for your guests to sit In. It is even capable enough to store the essentials or extra stuff that you don’t want to see lying in your bedroom. Invest in the righteous one. Pull a trendy and beautiful look with your favorite brand and add a comfy, storage bench in your bedrooms.