5 Best Sectional Sofa for Small Living Rooms

Sofas are a comfortable option for all of us to opt for. They are convenient and easy living. Mostly sofas are found in the lounge or the drawing room of your homes. It is because they make the place look more appealing and organized for the guests to come and settle. Typically, it is though that sofa, mainly a sectional sofa occupies much space and aren’t a perfect fit for small living rooms. Sofas have a different number of seaters that best suits you and your needs.  

With the pace of technological advancement and modernization, new and unique kind of sofas are available in the market to provide you ease and convenience. They are reversible or foldable, can be made into a bed and then, sofa again moreover, very space-saving sofas. We have specifically reviewed sectional sofas for small living rooms to make your living more useful and efficient. 


1) LUCCA Reversible Sofa

LUCCA Reversible sectional sofa for small Living Rooms

Do you have a small house? Trying to find a sofa which is easy going as well as spacious, acquiring less space at the same time. LILOLA HOMES got your back. They have one of the perfect choices for you. The six-seater, LUCCA collection reversible sofa is what you need in your house. It is a two-piece reversible sectional sofa that helps you to live with style, in a small living space. It is available in two different colors; light grey and steel grey. Both the colors do justice to this innovative sofa. 

It has a pull out bed and reversible storage chaise. The seats are tufted and have cushions on the back. It has a plump stitching design, which helps to pull a modern and unique look for it. Also very comfortable and works as a multitasker. It weighs 192 pounds with the dimensions of (86×54×35). 

And addition to the sofa that acquires so less space,

has such an enormous storage space. You can keep all the unnecessary stuff that you might not be using at the moment. All the unnecessary stuff can be held here, safe, and secure in the storage box. You can use a sofa as a store or cupboard with no extra space needed, so you save space in both ways.


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Easy to carry as it comes in three different boxes
  • Removable cushions
  • Reversible Storage chaise that can be opened on the right, or left


  • Small for tall people to fit in
  • You cannot assemble it alone.

2) Christopher Night Home sofa set

Christopher Night Home sectional sofa for small Living Rooms

Dazzle your homes with a mid-century touch by adding the navy blue five-seater sectional sofa. It’s divided into five different sections, which means you can turn it and assemble it in any of the ways you like. You can keep the three-seaters together or keep the two, deciding with the space you have. It includes metal brackets that help you to connect one of the sections with the other easily. It includes two armchairs; right and left, two armless chairs, and one corner chair. 

100% polyester is used, with a fabric color of navy blue, with a frame of dark brown color. Button tufted back cushions that are wondrous for you to relax and feel cozy. It gives your home a flair of mid-century, modern look. Apart from the appealing appearance, this sofa set has a very solid frame made of birch wood. Isn’t it amazing that you can decorate your furniture yourself rather than having a fix shape and size?

Dimensions of sofas with armrest are 32.50 inches deep x 28.00 inches wide x 35.75 inches high and seat width 23.50 inches. Dimensions of armless sofas are 32.50 inches deep x 23.75 inches wide x 35.75 inches high. All five sofas seat height is 19 inches.


  • Super flexible
  • Easy to move from one place to another
  • Nice and comfortable
  • Can fit into smaller spaces


  •  Seats are firm at first
  • The back pieces are a bit difficult to attach 
  • Price higher than the traditional sofas
  • Hassle of joining the sofa

3) FDW- Sofa PU leather

FDW- Sofa PU leather sectional sofa for small Living Rooms

Talk about comfort and relaxation, PU leather sofa is the ultimate choice you can have. This sectional sofa has a cushioned back and firm padding that helps you to have great family time, relaxing on this couch. This sectional sofa couch is easy to assemble as only four legs and the backrest needs assembly. It has leather all around itself, black in color, which adds to its beauty and makes it easy to maintain as well. You can wipe a slightly damp cloth to clean it.

The sturdy design of this sectional sofa supported with a quality hardwood frame makes it very durable. It has a supportive memory foam stuffed in back and armrest cushions that won’t deform soon. You can comfortable sitting experience for years.

It is the perfect one you can opt for if relaxing on a nice couch is what you want. This two-seater sofa can easily fit two people, three can fit into it but little squeezed. You can sit here with your loved ones and cherish the moments. It weighs 206 pounds, and it is easy to move through the doors. The three-seat sofa is 83.5 inches, while the two-seat one is 62 inches. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Quality is excellent of the hardwood and leather
  • Easy care by cleaning with a damp cloth and let it dry
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to move or walk through doors


  • Cannot be folded or turn into a bed
  • Can fit only 2 or 3 people 
  • Not as comfortable as it seems

4) Carolina Sectional Sofa set

Carolina Sectional sectional sofa for small Living Rooms

Are you looking for the perfect fit for your small living? Want to add the touch of home to your place? The Carolina sectional sofa set. It is a five-seater sofa set that comes in three colors deep red, light grey, and dark blue. All these colors are those that can smoothly go with your furniture color schemes. It comes into five different sections that you can assemble on your own. The features it includes are; two armless chairs, two armchairs right and left, and one corner chair that can make a perfect L-shaped sofa.

This space-saving sofa set will add a vibrant look to your small living. Even if you have a small living room, this sofa will leave plenty of space for you to entertain in your home. This Carolina set, created with durable polyester fabric that is easy to care and would last for a longer time. It has plush and comfy cushions that would help you relax and stretch after a whole tiring day. It will sooner be your favorite station in your house to lay off. Great furniture has always strived to give you a feeling of home with their furniture, so is this Carolina sectional sofa set. 

It is essential to know the dimensions of new furniture, so you can make sure that you get something that fits your needs and your space. Dimensions of left and right sofa sofas with armrest are 33″ D x 27.5″ W x 30.5″ H; corner sofa, 33″ D x 33″ W x 35.5″ H; armless sofa, 33″ D x 24.5″ W x 35.5″ H.


  • Easy to assemble and carry as it comes in 4 different boxes
  • Comfortable to sit on
  • Pulls a trendy, modern look for your home
  • Can be shaped into whatever you like as it has five different sections


  • The seat size is small. Not the sofa/couch you can sleep on
  • Does not line up together exactly
  • Price high than the traditional sofa sets

5) Sectional Recliner Sofa set- FDW

Sectional Recliner Sofa set sectional sofa for small Living Rooms

Another range of the FDW sofa set is here for you to try for your small living rooms. Looking for a comfortable reclining chair/sofa? You are in the perfect place. Sectional Recliner sofa set comes in three different sizes; 1 seater, two-seaters, and three-seaters. You can use the one-seater sofa as a reclining sofa as well. 

It has certain features that make this sofa an excellent choice for all. It includes an easy reclining mechanism by a lever on your easy reach, which enables operating the couch easily. The sofa is overstuffed with high-resiliency foam cushions, which makes it an ideal couch to sleep in a comfortable position. 

The material used is thick poly fiber PU leather that covers the sofa and has a sturdy wooden frame. It is available in two different colors; brown and black. These colors are the ones that can suit all home decors easily. The dimensions of the sofa are (75.4×36.2×39) inches. It has an overall weight of 166.7 pounds. 


  • Good affordable luxury item
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can go for a reclining chair or sofa
  • Works for both; sleeping and sitting on the couch
  • Comfortable and relaxing


  • Hard to handle for a person living alone
  • Might not be a great fit for taller people

After discussing all the above sofas, you can conclude that a sofa or couch is a thing that you would want to have as comfortable as possible. It should be in an affordable range, with comfort and convenience attach to itself. If you opt for a sofa that is not a source of relaxation, it is of no use. Secondly, it must be durable and long-lasting. The quality provided should be good enough and worth the money you have invested in. All these different brands and kinds of sectional sofas fulfill your needs differently. FDW’s two sofa sets, the reclining sofas, and PU leather sofa. The reclining one is best for you if you want to sleep and feel most comfortable with. However, the PU leather sofa is similar but does not offer the reclining service. 

The coralline sectional and Christopher Homes sofa sets are similar. Both of them are five-seater, sectional sofas that are to be joint differently. If you want to decorate your house in different ways with your taste, these two are the perfect fit you might want to add in your home decor. However, these sofas would not be the ones to sleep comfortably on. Last but not least, the LUCCA sectional sofa is an ideal choice for you if you want to have a bed, storage space, and a nice couch in your home. You can choose the one that rightly fits you and your home.