Electric bikes for heavy riders | best 5 Reviewed

The concept of cycling has existed and prevailed from the 1800’s to now. Nowadays, people use it to travel to short distances or places where they can’t take cars easily.

The approach of the electric bicycle is considerably modern, but finding an electric bike that delivers is not an easy task. Especially, if you’re a heavy rider. To help you with your choices, we have shortlisted five best electric bikes for heavy riders. 


Best Electric Bikes for Heavy Riders – Top 5

  1. Merax Electric BikeWeight Capacity: 250 lbs
  2. Addmotor MOTAN Electric BikeWeight Capacity: 300 lbs
  3. Ancheer Pro Electric Bike Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  4. Ecotric Fat Tire Beach Electric BikeWeight Capacity: 250 lbs
  5. Ancheer Folding Electric BikesWeight Capacity: 330 lbs

1) Merax Electric Bike for heavy riders

Merax  Electric Bike for heavy riders

This bike is with the high-speed motor (350 W) and is also equipped with the 36V 8.8 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery that can accelerates the bicycle up to 32 Km/h. Along with that, it has a lightweight Aluminum Alloy frame and the robust suspension fork that make it ideal for the heavy users on even the bumpy tracks. 

Moreover, because of its light manufacture, you don’t need to pedal hard. Since the manufacturing material is exceptionally user-friendly, and this feature makes it ideal for heavy riders to use it for their physical fitness. 

Weight of this bike is 48.5 LBS with battery and 42 LBS without battery. It is perfect to manage the heavy riders weighting 250LBS and so. In addition to this, the top-notch 7-speed transmission system Shimano shifter provides powerful braking and smooth shifting. 

All in all, enjoy your first bike with the phenomenal heavy ride of Merax 26″, since it gets heavy fast, enjoy the uphill rides with its electrical aspects. Even if you are living in the mountainous region. This could be the best electric bike for your weight.


  • weight capacity of 250 lbs
  • Amazing battery life
  • Robust framework and construction make it ideal for the heavy rider
  • Professional and free assembly
  • Works incredibly in all types of weather
  • Advance speed control features 
  • Level 5 gives the power to the bicycle while pedaling.


  • No rear light
  • Poor power while going uphill

2) Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bike

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bike for heavy adults

Are you bothered about being heavy and riding a bicycle? Also, you have searched all the markets finding the right bike that could ideally manage your weight? Stop worrying! This bicycle is exclusively designed to fit for the 5’10” -6’6″ adult, and can also manage the weight of about 300 LBS.

You’d be surprised because of its brilliant additions. It uses the 750W motor that gives you the fastest experience if you pedal it with level one. It can reach up to 40-55 miles with a max speed of 23 MPH on single charge. 

Moreover, the bike is entirely designed, considering all the modernizing facts. It has a USB outlet that helps you in charging handy electronic devices. It has the outstanding EKTRO mechanical MD300 180mm F/R alloy disc brake system that gives you a comfortable braking experience..

Also, it has two modes that are, assisted bicycle and the second, E-bike has taken this bike to the next level. You can switch to any of its modes since its eco-friendly mode is 100% emission-free and electric. In this way, it becomes both eco-friendly and easy on the budget.


  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Nice quality and solid built
  • Setup is fairly simple
  • 100% eco- friendly and the budget-friendly 
  • Ideal brake system
  • Modern USB and charging connectivity


  • Speedometer screen is not reliable

3) Ancheer Pro Electric Bike for Heavy Riders

Ancheer Pro electric bike for heavy riders

Ancheers are the best vendors in selling the electric bikes that ideally set on the customer’s demands. Hence, this is the best contribution of Ancheer for the heavy riders. As this bike is made of 100 percent Aluminum Alloy and the entire front fork is made of high strength carbon steel that gives it a sturdy texture that could correctly handle your weight.

It has a gear system equipped with the 21-speed transmission system and with the front and rear disc brakes. This bike is the most expensive feature, and you can use it in adjusting the speed according to your demands. 

Further, if you want to travel night, then its bright LED headlamp and the horn will persuade you for that. Not only this is one warranty will give you the satisfied service and confidence to use it for a longer time. It comes with two working modes that are, assisted bike, and the E-bike. These modes can help you with longer trips. However, the combination of these two modes makes this bike a suited choice for you to use. 


  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Its mileage range is up to 25 to 50 KM 
  •  speed of max 25 MPH
  • Breaks work super smoothly and super-fast
  • It has a three-speed quality meter, for operating
  • It has a 36V 8Ah Lithium battery for long and hassles free rides


  • Useless PAS
  • The motor is not doesn’t perform well if you don’t regularly maintain it

4) Ecotric Fat Tire Beach Snow Bicycle

Electric fat tire snow bike for heavy riders

Replace your existing way of traveling with no carbon, pollution-free, and safe Bicycle ride. Save the green earth and say goodbye to creating pollution. Change the idea of traveling into a free, independent, and pleasant trip. The bicycle ride is not only beneficial for the society because it is pollution-free means of traveling but also healthier for yourself as well, paddling is an exercise, and we all know how good this exercise is for our health.

Moreover, it’s advanced features have made it ideal for the regular workout sessions. Among them, the most one on top is the battery. Since, battery charging is an issue, many times, and you have to leave the bicycle because its battery is not enough charged for traveling toward your destination. 

However, it is not a problem with electro bicycle because it has 36V/126H battery that is removable, this feature helps you to take battery along with you in your office and charge it there. Along with that, tires are a baseline of any bicycle, and Electro bicycle has the best quality, 26*4.0 anti-skidding tires, which provide durable resistance against skidding. Plus, an electro bicycle has super adaptive tires, you can ride on a bicycle in snow and sand as well. The tire size is according to the standard American size.


  • Weight Capacity; 250 lbs
  • Excellent speed of 23 MPH
  • Electric power mileage up to 19 miles.
  • Mechanical Brake system runs in parallel to provide you a more secure trip.


  • Tires have a bad grip on ice 
  • Controls are basic

5) Ancheer Folding Electric Bikes for heavy riders

Are you looking for the top quality and sturdy E-bikes? Then you can consider this one freely. The most advanced feature of this bike is the ultra-lightweight and durable aluminum that makes it ideal for climbing and can manage the bulk weight as well.

Moreover, the mechanical front, rear disc brake design, and the 21-speed professional transmission system count it in the robust category of the bicycle. Not only this, its ultra-strong wheel of 26-inch magnesium alloy with anti-slip resistant thick tire enhances its climbing power and the terrain adaptability.

Usually, the e-bikes have two working modes, but this bike comes with three working modes that are a 3-speed smart meter button. Hence you can select the electric-assist power according to your choice. Moreover, you can also add the burst of throttle with it all in all combing the three modes would be a better choice in these e-bikes.

Moreover, it has a 36V 8Ah Lithium battery for long and hassle-free rides. Its motor possesses excellent characteristics of 250W high-speed gear brushless motor. In addition to this, Archer folded bicycle has a very cool and unique style. It is designed based on basic style concepts of solitaire, which breaks the wheel of traditional bicycle design and also best fit according to human body shape.


  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Its mileage range is up to 25 to 50 KM 
  • speed of max 25 MPH
  • Electric system
  • Ultra-strong wheels 


  • No bottle holder 
  • Gears can be pretty picky


Hence, bicycle riding is excellent for people with bulk weight. Since it is suitable for their physical health, but most of them usually resist that because of their fears like what if the bicycle could not carry their weight easily? What if they fall on the road in front of many people?

Since all such thoughts stop them from riding on the bicycle and having some warmup. So, this is the time when you need to think about your health first and consider our top picks. As all of them are utterly reliable for the people with the bulk weight to manage and will give you satisfying results.