Best Dressers for Small Spaces (Top 5)

If you are fond of buying a large number of maquillage or other hygiene products, then have you to arrange them properly and place them in a way that you can reach them easily when you are in a hurry.

If not, then you are surely doing wrong to your ancillaries. Why don’t you buy a dresser for such things? After your bed, the dresser table is the most used furniture and one that can store many of your accessories. 


Usually, these dressing tables require much of your bedroom room or dressing room’s space. But if you are looking for a dressers for small spaces, even in small spaces or congested areas. Then, we have arranged this content to help you in getting the best dressers for small spaces. 

1) Tribesigns Vanity Dresser for Small Space

Tribesigns Vanity Dresser for Small Space

This dresser with the latest design has a large drawer that gives you ample storage space. The vanity table has ten LED E27 3W warm white bulbs that provide you brightness while you do your makeover.

It is the product having two in one function. You can use it as your accessories keeper as well as the helper in your styling.

So either you can use in your bedroom or fit equally well small makeup studios. This large mirror in it provides you full view, and lights help you to give a brighter appearance, and you can check all minor makeup details.

The big tabletop is to place all your necessary tools and the products. The top is to put your essential makeup brushes, perfumes, lipsticks, hair care products, jewelry, everything that you might use daily. While to place the remaining accessories, there is spacious drawer storage.  

The E1 particle board, lighted silver mirror, and lightbulbs controlling switch are the things used to build this sleek and simple dresser desk. Keep this in mind that the bench doesn’t come along in the package.

Plus, don’t worry if you don’t get the bulbs and the vanity table in the one package. Both of these things are sent in a separate package to ensure the protection of the mirror. You will shortly receive the second package after you have received the first one.

The size of this dresser is accurate to place it in small spaces. The dimensions are 27.56 inches in length, 19 inches in width, and approximately 62.2 inches in its height. It has such dimensions that you can place a small stool to sit.

Although it is wide enough to hold your things, but you won’t be sitting away from the mirror that you miss any makeup detail. So you are not going to face any difficulty in placing it in your small spaced room. It is available in black and white color


  • The dresser has much ample space 
  • The LED bulbs will help you a lot in making up yourself.


  • The number of drawers in this vanity dresser is less.

2) Atlin Designs 6 Drawer Double Dresser 

Atlin Designs 6 Drawer Double Dresser

The Atlin designed double dresser has six drawer space to keep all your belongings organized, plus your small space. Ultimately, you won’t need any other piece of furniture for storage, as there is sufficient space where you can store all of your things grom delicates to bulky items. So it is space-saving in both ways, it’s compact design occupies less of space and saves your small space from keeping another storage box.

Its truffle gray finish and a foil surface give it a clean and polished look. PEFC certified wood, metal runners and glides are used to build up this dresser. That gives it a sleek look that seamlessly merges with any décor and smooth movement. This finish is easy to clean, and you can simply clean it with a damp piece of cloth. It is very sturdy and also water, scratch, and stain-resistant.

If you are thinking that you are going to face many difficulties in its assembly, then you are wrong. All the parts are pre-drilled and pre-cut. After receiving the parcel, you need to place the pieces in their right positions and join them. The procedure of assembly is so easy and will need just five to ten minutes. Includes an easy manual for assembling and all necessary hardware and fasteners.

This dresser for small space is 28 inches in height, 60.5 inches in width, and 19.7 inches in diameter and front drawer dimensions are 29.92″ W x 7.01″ D. After looking at the specifications, you came to know that it just needs a small place. You can easily place it on the side of your bed or if you have a small dressing room.


  • There is ample space to store.
  • Handle-free drawers.
  • Easy cleaning.


  • The height of this dresser will be less if you are tall.
  • It is heavy to move it around.

3) CHARMAID Small Dresser Set with 6 Drawers

CHARMAID Small Dresser for small spaces

This vanity table is one of the modernly designed dressers, which is very useful in a way that it occupies very little space, and yet you can place a large number of items on its tabletop so you can get them quickly.

The main specification of this vanity dresser is that it has spacious storage space and six drawers. You will get two large-sized drawers at the base and four small-sized drawers with two on both sides.

In between the four drawers, there is free space to place perfumes, nail polishes, and lipsticks. The combination of white top and light brown legs looks so soft and elegant. 

The material used in the manufacturing of this dresser is premium MDF and100% solid wood in its legs. There is a thick mirror at the top of the drawer. This mirror is of high quality and will not break easily.

And it is not ordinary square mirrors, it has an irregular shape mirror that makes it unique and beautiful. You can place a maximum load of 287 pounds on the dresser, and the stool that comes along has a load capacity of 242 lbs.

The legs of the dresser and the stool are slightly inclined outwards, and this increases the durability and stability. The legs are more extensive from the top and thinner from the lower side. The footpads are designed to avoid any scratches and noise created when moved room one place to another.

Dressing Table Dimension: 27″(L) x 16″(W) x52″(H)

Stool Dimension: 14″(L) x 11″(W) x17″(H)


  • It has ample space capacity.
  • Smooth rounded corners prevent accidental hits.
  • Equipped with feet pads
  • Pulling and pushing drawers is very convenient.


  • The legs of this dresser don’t seem very strong 

4) CHARMAID Dresser Set with Folding Top 

CHARMAID Dresser set for small spaces

This product works as a multi-functional desk. You can use it as a dresser as well as a writing table to save space. The number of drawers present on this desk is two, and both of these are standard sized.

Abundant space is given to you to put your jewelry items and the cosmetics in it. The design is so stylish, and the mirror can change the position. If you are not using the table, you can turn down the mirror so that it may not break by hitting any object.

However, when you are going to use it, you can flip it up. By turning it down, it can become a writing table. Thus you can use it in multiple ways. 

The wide and clear mirror is about twelve and thirteen inches in its dimensions. With its folding capacity, you can protect it from the attack of dust. High-quality MDF is used to make the frame, and the legs are of 100% solid pine wood.

The legs are strong enough to bear a maximum weight of 286 lbs for the table, and stool 242 lbs, plus pinewood, increases stability and durability. The metal hinges are also of high quality.  

A solid white color is available in this product. This small vanity set is the best to place in small areas. You can have a look at its dimensions. 

Size of Table: 23.5”L * 20”W * 46.5”H
Size of Table (when mirror flip down): 23.5″ L * 20″ W * 29.5″ H
Overall Size of Stool: 12.5″ L* 12.5″ W * 18″ H
Size of Mirror: 13″ L * 14″ H
drawer: 10″ L * 6″ W * 3″ H
Inner size of the deep box: 6.5″ L * 6.5″ W * 7.5″ H
size of the large shelf: 18.5″ L * 15″ W * 3.5″

Don’t worry about the assembly as all the instructions and required tools are present in the package. You have to spend at least five to seven minutes to install it all. 


  • The folding capacity of this desk is so beneficial. 


  • The finishing of this product is not too good and may damage early.

5) CHARMAID Dresser Set with Touch Screen Mirror

Charmaid touch screen dresser for small spaces

 The most stylish and functional dresser is with a touch screen dimming mirror. It is available in a soft greyish-brown and white color. One of the main specifications of this dresser is its touch screen dimming mirror.

You can switch into warm light, natural light, and the cold light. You can set the lighting according to your requirements. This Mirror function can provide you maximum brightness while making up. 

You can control the type of light by touching the screen of the mirror. The internal switches will make changes and will change the brightness. You will not need to use an external switch. This vanity is one of the most modern dressers.

There are many partitions to place your things in it. Two large drawers are on the base of the table, and the remaining drawers are on the sides of the mirror. Plus, there is also free space to place your perfumes, decoration items, and the jewelry box on easy reach. The shape of the mirror is round, which gives a retro look. 

The top of the table is of MDF wood which is so elegant and smooth. Not only the table, but it comes with a soft cushioned stool to provide you comfortable sitting during your makeup. 100% solid beech wood is used in the legs.

A combination of white and brown color looks so cool and gives an eye-catching appearance. Golden-colored small handles are on the drawers to move them in a backward and forward direction. This vanity is best regarding the functions and appearance to place in your small spaced rooms.   


  • The color light on the mirror changes by touching the screen.


  • The legs of this dresser are not so strong.

The dressers mentioned above are very useful, as ample storage and space-saving. If you are also looking for the dressers according to the modern designs, then we highly recommend you all of these to bring in your small spaces. The mirrors present on these are apparent and will give you a clear image when you do makeup. Plus, these all have the latest designed, which is very demanding in the market. Do buy any from these and make your room attractive with these less space occupying dressers.