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Termite Treatment Cost and Inspection Cost Guide

The Full Termite Treatment Cost – Professional

A home owner may fret over the cost of termite treatment. An exterminator may charge hundreds of dollars to wipe out most infestations. The typical cost associated with termite treatment depends on two main things: The method used and the area that needs to be cleared.
The cost of the treatment does not depend on the species. It depends on how many insects are in the home, how badly the home is infested. The final treatment cost deals with the cost of repair. If the hives are found in only a few places, the process may only take a short time. Hives found throughout the house can easily rack up the cost. If you’re interested in a close estimate, then termite treatments can cost from $500 to $5000 depending on the factors I mentioned above.

Popular termite treatment methods are discussed below with their respective costs.


Termite Tenting: What Is It And its Cost?

Termite Tenting
Image Credits: Liz hall

Perhaps you have seen a large tent or tarp covering a house or other structure and wondered, what it was? What you saw is evidence of termite tenting or fumigation, which, despite continued concerns, has been proven not to pose a risk to either humans or pets so long as the procedure is allowed to run its course undisturbed. Used for large infestations of dry wood termites, the treatment is quite expensive and this is why great care needs to be taken to verify that the structure to be treated has in fact been infested by a large colony.


Cost varies with professionals you hire to carry out the activity. But the average cost for Termie Tenting can be from $1,200 to $2,500 for a 1,250-square foot house. And $2,200 – $3,800 for a 2,500-square foot house

Possible drawbacks

Environmentalists deplore the use of fumigation as a pest control strategy against termite infestations. However, the process continues to be employed and some states even require it be done before a house can be sold. There are, despite its effectiveness, some limitations to its use. It is ineffective against subterranean termites. In addition, it has no effect on unhatched eggs — although some exterminators claim that since there are no workers alive to feed the nymphs, once they hatch they will starve to death. Further, this form of extermination does not prevent new colonies from taking up residence, especially after the early spring swarming season.


Chemical Extermination Cost

Chemicals can be used to effectively treat the area infested. A tarpaulin is put on the item where the chemical goes through the area infested by means of gas. Using chemicals will help destroy the termites that are seen and those that are not visible. Some may be inside a structure where eyes can not see. When using chemicals remember to remove pets and plants away from the structure and avoid contamination which may bring side effects to them. The item treated should be kept away from pets and animals for at least 3 days. After this treatment, remember to air the structure before using it again.


Chemical extermination is generally priced by the linear foot. A home that is around 150-linear feet, or 1,250-square feet, will cost about $1,350 to $2,500 for a chemical extermination service. A 2,500-square foot home with 200 linear feet will be about $1,700-$3,200.

Possible Drawbacks

The only disadvantage with using this method is that it does not assure non-recurrence of the termites in future as it deals with the present termites only.

Termite Baiting System Cost

Termite Baiting system is a methodology that uses an edible but toxic material as a bait against termites. These baits are normally installed underground, or any other area that is most infected. This method is effective because it works like a virus, spreading and killing other members that didn’t even fed on our bait. You can refer to this helpful article to learn more about How the baiting system works.

The cost of Termite Baiting Systems can vary from $800 to $3200 depending on the property.

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