Best Massage Chairs Reviewed from 2018

Finding the best massage chair is essential because it can help you feel comfortable all the way around. The best massage chairs on the market can help restore your body and keep pains from being an issue. This is especially important for when you have back pains that are far too persistent.

You can find numerous attractive massage chairs for all your relaxation needs. Such chairs are made to be comfortable on your body and will give you the carefully produced and prepared massage that you deserve after a long day.

Massage chairs are designed with layouts keeping in mind comfort and relaxation. They use padding all around your body and position you into numerous positions. The individual bends and angles on each chair offer a comfortable layout.

The best massage chairs work with motors. These can be adjusted to work at different speeds and motions, thus giving you extra help for getting a good massage up and running.

Some of these chairs support a zero gravity positioning setup to keep your heart from working too hard. Others use special massage spots that are easily triggered and operate at several speeds.

When looking for a chair, you have to see how well it fits. It should come with plenty of massaging spots and support for all parts of your body. A chair must also come with a soft texture and enough control features to give you the most out of your chair as you aim to use it right.

A great massage chair will increase flexibility and circulation around your body. It must also keep your heart rate under control while improving upon how your muscles recover following stressful workouts or other tough feelings you might have around your body.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 8 of the best massage chairs on the market. Each massage chair comes with a good layout that is easy to lie on without being hard on your body. Individual features of each chair are discussed in detailed below. We hope you find our massage chair reviews helpful.

Kahuna LM6800 | Best Massage Chair #1

best massage chair

If you’re really looking for the best massage chair on the market. The Kahuna LM6800 is the first option for you to see.

It uses an L-track frame to create a full layout that is comfortable on your body without feeling stiff or otherwise hard to use.

The four-roller massage system creates a comfortable body that supports you all the way around.

It decompresses your spine and makes the massage a little more relaxed and comfortable.

The air-cell massage system gives your shoulders and other parts a good layout that is comfortable and easy to support.

One intriguing point about the chair is that it analyzes your weight and reviews how much pressure should be applied through the rollers, which makes it a best massage chair.

The chair is comfortable and adds a good feeling onto your body. General scanners around the entire body of the chair review the pressure being produced on the surface and how the massage functions are to work.

This creates enough massage pressure without being rough on the body.

The Kahuna Signature Program is a special feature that adds comfort to your body.

This is a yoga stretching program that stretches your body and creates a more active sensation within your body.

This improves your blood circulation as the stretching pressure that is supported gives you an extra amount of help.

Foot padding materials are included around the bottom part of the chair to add a more comfortable tone and setup that is easy to relax on.

The individual parts of the chair bend in many directions as well. They support a number of body positions that are easy to relax with.

This gives you more help for stretching your body and also with keeping your blood circulation levels under control.

The Shiatsu massage feature especially does well for keeping your body relaxed.

This is a traditional Japanese technique that uses a circular motion with deep kneading motions. It targets acupuncture points around your body to relieve stress and improve circulation around many parts of your body.

It releases tension and keeps your muscles relaxed without feeling more irritated or hard to manage.

Key features:

· Works with multiple manual massage options including kneading, tapping and rolling

· Shiatsu massage option targets five separate parts of your body

· Three zero gravity positions included

· Dual foot rollers used on the foot area

· Heating system works on the lower back and legs

· Rollers can be adjusted at three different speeds


Relaxonchair MK-II | Best Massage Chair #2

best massage chair

The Relaxonchair MK-II is also a great contender for the Best Massage Chair category. This uses three separate zero gravity positions.

Each position elevates your feet up to the same level as your heart. This keeps gravity from adding too much pressure onto your back.

This gives you the opportunity to relax as you sleep while your heart does not have to work any harder than necessary.

The L-track layout on this chair is designed to help people who have lower back pains or sore gluteal muscles.

It also helps those who are struggling with sciatica as it keeps them from feeling worn out.

The layout keeps the body in a proper reclining position that keeps pressure from being a threat, thus offering a more relaxing and comfortable layout the user is bound to enjoy having.

The L-track especially does well with helping to keep your heart elevated at a proper rate while reclining.

The system moves smoothly and keeps blood flowing well around your body as you are reclined properly.

This does well for keeping your body at rest and under control but you should see how well the track is organized so you have more control over how well your body will feel as you are getting the treatment you want.

Two heating pads are found in the lumbar area. These relax your muscles and keep aches and pressure in the area from being too hard.

Individual heating pads are applied around your body to help you feel relaxed and comfortable for any kind of treatment you wish to use.

The cushions around your body work with individual massage motors that offer three levels of massage support. Each section can be programmed through a remote.

This gives you extra help for keeping your body relaxed and comfortable.

The remote that comes with the chair is especially detailed. It features a small display screen that shows how you are controlling the chair.

Several buttons are utilized to adjust individual massage spots and to change their pressure or speed levels.

The remote gives you more control over a fully customized and organized layout for a massage.

The sensors inside the chair also measure the spine length. This prepares a better massage as the spots that are to be triggered will feel relaxed.

Key features:

· Five manual targeted massage options

· Four automatic programs for more parts of your body

· Deep tissue massage option provides a software setup

· Airbag pressure on arm and calf areas has been reduced


BestMassage Ec-06c| Best Massage Chair #3

best massage chair


BestMassage made this next massage chair as a model that reduces muscle stress and keeps fatigue around the body from being a problem.

It does not have as many features as other models but it is available for less than a $1,000, thus making it a good bargain choice.

It uses an extensive compression feature that works around the legs. The cushions on the legs pair with strong motors that keep the legs relaxed and comfortable.

In addition, the steady materials keep the legs comfortable without feeling overly rough or hard to manage.

This in turn keeps the legs healthy. The posture is improved as more muscles are stretched out without them being at risk of serious problems.

The air bags in this model are organized all around the entire chair to create a comfortable layout all the way through. There are more than thirty of them all around the chair.

These are paired with the built-in heating system that is easy to adjust in terms of how warm the rollers are. This helps to dull out pains and stresses around your body and creates a relaxing and comfortable layout.

The neck massage feature is an important feature to look at. The massage point works by using a strong layout where individual parts of the neck are targeted.

The massage heads work on many spots around the neck to treat pains and irritation around the region, thus establishing a comfortable layout that the user will enjoy.

The massage features can be quickly adjusted with the simple control panel around the main body of the chair.

These features are easy to control and shift around in many forms to create a better layout that is comfortable without being hard to apply.

It should be used well for giving you the relaxed style that you deserve for your rest.

Key features:

· Reclines well into an L shape

· Control panel next to the end of the chair offers more controls plus easy access

· Wood panel features on the arms create relaxing surfaces

· Air pressure massage feature for the buttocks keeps the area comfortable and loosened

· Rolling and kneading motions available for use

· Foot and leg ottoman can recline backwards

· Neck rest is fully flexible and easy to adjust or set into a certain position


Infinity Iyashi | Best Massage Chair #4

best massage chair

Infinity produced this quality Iyashi chair as a model that offers a 49-inch massage stroke.

It uses this large stroke to treat more spots around your body and keep it relaxed through the entire massage process.

The stroke is one of the largest on the market.

The longer stroke is needed for treating more spots around your body.

It has to be flexible and long enough to target your spinal column and surrounding areas.

The long length of the stroke allows for more spots around your body to be massaged and treated well.

This in turn adds a better layout for your body without being hard to apply.

The track system also does well for creating a position for the chair that adjusts its footprint and horizontal layout to make it easier for you to get a good setup going even in restrictive areas.

It positions your body quite well in spots where it is often tough to get a good massage in.

The track setup also uses a good design that is easy to use without slipping off or otherwise putting your body in unexpected or unplanned positions that might be tough for you to support or use.

This has a setup that links to a portable media player to do more than just play back music.

It also uses a synchronic massage system where the chair links to your Bluetooth-enabled device. With this, the massage motions work alongside the beat of the music.

This creates a more immersive experience for a massage that is relaxing and offers a good layout you are bound to enjoy.

Air bag pressure massages work for more parts around your body.

These offer comfortable tones that are easy to handle without being rough or hard to use.

The triple shoulder air bags especially offer a special layout that is comfortable and flexible to target the most difficult spots around your body that you might experience excess pressure at.

The massage motors around the chair add more help for keeping you comfortable.

These motors include ones that work on the feet and legs to target even the smallest and lightest spots around your body.

The cushioned body also offers a relaxed layout that is easy to sit down on.

It does not feel overly stiff or tough as it instead offers a comfortable layout that is gentle on your body and does not add more pressure than what you can afford.

Key features:

· Bluetooth connection links it to many control units and even links to media players for music playback in its speakers

· Lumbar heat system included

· Zero gravity positions allow for an added reclining space

· Bright red seating area available

· Handles up to 285 pounds in weight


Brookstone ReAct Shiatsu | Best Massage Chair #5

best massage chair

Brookstone has long been selling many of its quality tech products for home use at many shopping malls around the country.

The company makes many massagers and comfortable surfaces for all people to enjoy. The company has expanded its offerings to include the ReAct Shiatsu Massage Chair.

It is available below the $1,000 price tag, but does not have as many features as what other more expensive models have.

Still, it is ideal for people looking for something relatively cheap.

This chair is a little more compact for most uses.

Instead of having an overly massive foundation, it has a slight foundation that offers a good surface that is comfortable and easy to handle.

The L-shape support still offers a good layout that is comfortable and easy to sleep on.

The smaller foundation is especially needed for giving you a more focused space.

As you rest on the chair, you will feel comfortable without having to take up lots of space.

In fact, the portable nature of this chair adds to something all the more useful for your needs.

The L-Channel message feature in this Brookstone chair works with one track for treating your entire body.

The single track layout offers a comfortable design that your body can easily support without being rough or hard to use. It also uses two massage function options including full body and full back selections.

These offer more comfortable layouts that allow your body to feel a little more stimulated.

The control panel is on the right-hand side of the chair.

It is easy to reach and lets you access it while relaxing so you do not have to adjust your position far too much to get an adjustment going.

This setup also uses a layout that is not too hard to shift or adjust as needed. It is a comfortable option for keeping your body relaxed.

The flat design on the bottom also offers a good layout that gives you more control over how you sit on it. It allows you to adjust the layout of the chair without it shifting around.

This comes even as the chair is rather light in weight and easy to position around a variety of spots in your home.

This is especially designed for lighter needs. It does not require you to put in far too much effort for getting it all organized.

This should be used well to give you a nicer tone that your body will benefit from when used right.

Key features:

· Compact at only around 61 pounds in weight

· Handles up to 265 pounds

· Spot massage solution targets certain areas

· Pillow can be removed as needed

· Heat support can be adjusted with different tones in mind


Real Relax | Best Massage Chair #6

best massage chair

Real Relax makes various appealing chairs for a number of seating needs.

These include the company’s prominent massage chair that offers a relaxed and enjoyable design.

The main massage chair from Real Relax is built with zero gravity features that uses Shiatsu massage controls.

It uses 35 air bags placed around the body. These are organized rather evenly and conveniently to create a better amount of coverage over your entire body.

Rollers are included in the foot area to gently massage the feet and restore natural body functions.

The rollers operate under the philosophy that by traveling your feet, it becomes easier for other parts around your body to recover.

The circulation around your body is improved while pains in the feet are eliminated, thus giving the body more control for keeping pains in check.

By targeting the main root where many pains might be found in, it becomes easier for the body to feel relaxed and comfortable.

The eight individual massage points around the massage chair back rest works with other programs inside the chair. These target more spots that are comfortable and easy to handle.

The heater is also installed inside the seat. This promotes metabolic functions and blood circulation to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

Four individual auto massage programs are included here. These give you many great massage options that are relaxing and easy on your body without being hard to handle.

The arm rests are organized separately from the main body of the chair. You would have to get the arm rests added onto the sides of the chair. This is due to the large size of the chair.

Fortunately, the process of getting the rests added does not take much time to manage. This offers a good layout that is comfortable and not too hard to work with in any situation.

Key features:

· Supports around 440 pounds of weight at the most

· Leather body is soft and easy on your skin

· Foot rests can be extended for taller users

· Display screen on the chair lists information on how the chair is being used


Relaxonchair MK-IV Zero Gravity | Best Massage Chair #7

best massage chair

Enjoy a comfortable Shiatsu massage with a built-in heater with this next chair from Relaxonchair.

It uses an air massage system that produces pressurized air that moves around your body to create comfortable sensations.

This offers a good body for relaxing your joints and other body parts without risking problems like your joints or other spots around your body feeling too rough or hard to treat.

The chair is designed with a body that uses less space.

It slides forward while the headrest moves down to create a good zero gravity position.

It works with minimal clearance in mind, thus making it easier for you to get a good position running when using the chair.

The chair uses a comfortable design that is not too hard to utilize.

The S-shape design is a key feature to see as well.

It is a little different from the L-shape you would find in most other chairs. This offers a special layout with a curve that is somewhat similar to your body’s natural curve.

It applies well onto your body and offers a relaxed design that is not too rough and keeps your spinal column relaxed without feeling lots of stress in the process.

Five automatic programs are used in this chair.

The programs work with individual controls for specific parts of your body.

These offer back and waist support and can quickly offer a nice tone that is easy for your body to support.

The individual features around the auto programs are made with different needs in mind.

These include deep massage options that target acupressure points plus added recovery options for improving how well your blood circulation levels can be handled.

This offers a good layout that offers a comfortable body for you to rest on.

You can even program your own individual settings for your massage needs. Such settings offer a great layout that is comfortable and easy for your body to handle.

With these added customized settings, you can quickly get your body treated well with different options that manage specific parts of your body.

It offers a good layout that is not hard on your body and is easy to adjust.

The shoulders can be adjusted in height. You can do this to quickly manage the massage points and get them to position very specific spots around your body.

This in turn creates a better layout that gives you extra comfort.

Carbon fiber is also used inside the chair to create a comfortable heat source for your needs.

This offers a good layout that keeps you from feeling worn out or cold while getting a good massage.

Key features:

· Various levels of intensity and speed included

· Six different massage options including combinations of kneading and tapping

· Deep air massage works with gentle pressure without being hard

· Back heat levels remain stable

· Arm massager comes with eight separate air bags and can move with the user while reclining into a zero gravity position

· Remote control uses smart technology to identify individual massage needs


Osaki OS4000T | Best Massage Chair #8

best massage chair

The last of the special options to see for a massage chair is the Osaki OS4000t.

This is another zero gravity chair that offers a more customized approach for getting you to feel relaxed and under control.

The computer inside the chair offers a full body scan feature.

This identifies how well you can get a great massage without being rough or hard on your body.

This does well for adjusting all the features in your chair including the foot roller at the bottom part.

The air massage system works around many parts of your body.

It even works on the arm rests.

These work with enough cushions to create a good design that is comfortable and not too hard to use.

Automatic reclining features are included for a stronger layout that is comfortable and worth getting onto.

The leg extension support features also add a nice style that is enjoyable and strong to relax on. The extension lets you move the massage points around to target specific spots around your body.

This in turn offers a good layout that would add a better tone that gives you a good look all around.

Six massage styles are used in this chair.

These pair with five speed and intensity levels.

The S-track design also conforms with your natural body shape to keep you relaxed without feeling too much stress when getting the chair ready.

The intelligent system inside the chair does well for reviewing the individual massages you require at a certain time.

The wireless control pairs well with the full control panel system.

This arrangement gives you more control over your experience in treating your body to a comfortable massage.

The panel also displays in full detail how well the massage is working, thus letting you see how well the treatment works without problems coming out of your setup.

Key features:

· Timer works with massages from 5 to 30 minutes in length

· Arm massages work around all parts of your body

· Leg rests can be lifted

· Supports up to 255 pounds

· Five levels of speed for massage motions

· Vibration and shoulder massage features keep your body active and healthy


Final Recommendation

These 8 chairs are undoubtedly the best massage chairs available on the market.

Be certain that you look at different types of chairs based on the control and massage features that they have to offer.

Look at how well they are designed for your massage requirements and be certain you find a choice that fits well with your demands for relaxing.

All chairs are made with good layouts that are easy for you to add and use well enough.

Out of all 8, The Kahuna LM6800 is the best massage chair in our recommendation.

This is an attractive model that offers a comfortable setup and excellent reclining body.

The strong roller massage system offers coverage around your body.

The three zero gravity positions improve upon how your heart functions while reclining.

The air cell massage system also provides you with a better massage all around your entire body.

Those looking for a more affordable option could use the BestMassage ec-06c and ReAct Shiatsu massage chairs. Available for less than a thousand dollars,  both chairs can be considered the best massage chairs in their price range.

The ec-06c has a distinct control panel that is easy to use. The compression and percussion support for the ec-06c offers a comfortable design.

The ReAct Shiatsu is also a popular model available under the $1,000 mark with the best possible aesthetics you can get in a massage chair.

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